• CHS Building Central Hindu Girls School (CHGS), an integral part of BHU, is one of the oldest premier institutions of girl's education in the city.
  • It epitomizes the exalted vision and ideas of its founder Mrs. Annie Besant since its inception in 1904, as Kanya Vidyalaya.
  • Set in the heart of the city, spread over a sprawling and beautiful campus, the institution is religiously performing its duty of synthesizing the ideals of Mahamana and Mrs. Annie Besant of providing qualitative girl's education as well as preserving and spreading national culture and heritage
  • As they believe in "Golden study in a muddy house is better than a muddy study in a golden house" alike we are having standard education,
  • but with the best infrastructure. For the past over 100 years the schools has been imbibing deep rooted values for individualistic growth of children to prepare them to be democratic, responsible, dutiful and honest citizens.
  • The school is presently imparting the education from Nursery classes to the Higher Secondary classes
  • Our college is having two campuses. Nursery and Primary Section is held in the campus of Kolhua & Secondary and Higher Secondary classes are held in campus of Kamachha Varanasi.

Academic Programs

1. Streams Available
The school is affiliated to CBSE since 1976 and thus conducts the AISSE and AISSCE Examinations. Education in Arts, Science and Commerce streams is available at the higher secondary level.

2. Subjects Available in Class XI and XII
The subjects taught in higher secondary classes are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Psychology, Geography, History, Political Science, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, English Core and Elective, Hindi Core and Elective; Sanskrit Core and Elective, Painting, Physical Education, Music: Vocal and Instrumental (Tabla, Sitar and Guitar). Well equipped laboratories are available for the study of all science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology), Home Science, Psychology and Computer Science in the school.



Admission in the school is taken in class Nursery, VI, IX and XI. Admission procedure in the above class starts from 1st April. Application forms for admission to above class are available in the month of April. Admission of Nursery-A is made by lottery system, where minimum age for admission is 3+. Students are admitted to class VI, IX and XI through School Entrance Test (SET) conducted by B.H.U. These objective steps for the candidature of our admissions are fairly performed every year.

Academic Programs:

Name of the Class No. of Section No. of Seats
Nursery A 3 120
Nursery B 2 80
I 2 80
II 2 80
III 2 80
IV 3 120
V 3 120
VI 3 120
VII 3 120
VIII 3 120
IX 3 120
X 3 120
XI 5 250
XII 5 250