International Students


Foreign Nationals: Shall mean the citizen of all countries other than India, who are not of Indian origin as defined under PIO.

I. Foreign students:

Students holding passports issued by foreign countries including people of Indian origin who have acquired the nationality of foreign countries are included as foreign students. Provide that any subsequent changes in the definition as may be notified by the Government of India shall have the same latest meaning respectively assigned to them. The other expressions not defined herein shall have the meaning as may be assigned in any subsequent notification of Government of India.

Entry level status of International students on entry to the country will be maintained.

II. Non Resident Indians (NRI):

Only those Non Resident Indian students who have studied and passed the qualifying examinations from schools or colleges in foreign countries will be included as International students. This will include the students studying in the schools or colleges situated in foreign countries even if affiliated to the Boards of Secondary Education or Universities located in India, but will not include students studying in those schools or colleges (situated in India) and affiliated to the Boards of Secondary Education or Universities of the foreign countries. Students passing the qualifying examinations from Boards or Universities located in foreign countries as external students and dependants of NRI studying in India will not be included as International students.
An individual is Non-Resident when he is "not a resident" or who is "not ordinarily resident". A person is treated as "not ordinarily resident" when any of the following conditions is satisfied: 

1. If he/she has not been resident in India in nine out of ten preceding years;
2. If he/she has not been in India for a period of 730 days or more during the preceding seven years.
III. Persons of Indian Origin (PIO):

Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) in this context means a person having foreign citizenship (except Pakistan and Bangladesh) without "NRI" status, but who holds an Indian Passport at the time of sending application, consideration for admission and during the period of his study or he/she or anyone/both of his/her parents or anyone/both of his grandparents is (or was)/ are (or were) citizen(s) of India by virtue of the provisions of the constitution of India or Section 2(b) of Citizenship Act 1955 (Act No.57 of 1955).

    • Admission Notice for 2014-2015

    • The provision of Admission of International Students to Ten Semesters-5 Years B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) Course from the Academic session 2014-15 also exist. Eligibility requirements for the International students are the same as applicable for Indian nationals. Detailed information may please be seen on University's website date for submission of competed application form by the International Students is 30.06.2014.

    • 15% of the allocated seats in different courses are earmarked for foreign nationals/NRI(s)/ & for the children's of the Indian nationals working in the Gulf & South Asian Countries

    • The eligibility criteria for foreign nationals are also the same as applicable for Indian Students and given on the BHU website

    • For the eligibility requirements of admission to Undergraduate/Postgraduate/ Special Courses of Studies/Ph.D. etc. please refer INFORMATION BROCHURES of UET/PET/SPECIAL COURSES/RET etc. on the website

    • In no case request for change of option(Course/Subject) and refund of fees will be entrained.

    • Exsting fees/charges are subject to revision and payment of revised amount at the time of admission susquently.

    • Request for any financial assistance and waiver of fees/charges will not be entertained. 

    • The International candidates shall be considered for admission to the courses of the University subject to fulfilling the eligibility requirements and equivalence of the degree possessed by them to the corresponding degrees/examinations of the Indian Institutions/Universities

    • However, the candidates for Ph.D. Programme will be considered only if the degree possessed by them entitles them for enrolment/admission as Ph.D. Scholars/Students in their own countries, in addition to fulfillment of the eligibility and other requirements as per University rules

    • The admission process for Undergraduate/Postgraduate/Special Courses/Diploma and Certificate Courses etc. normally starts in March every year

    • Application for Ph.D. programme and Short term Affiliations can be made at any time of the year. For Ph.D. Courses, admissions are made in two sessions in an academic year viz March and September (January and July for Agriculture)

    • Candidates have to report in the months of March and September (January and July for Agriculture) for taking admission in the respective session, procuring Research Visa issued by the Indian Embassies Abroad, subsequent to receiving the eligibility letter from the University.

    • The candidates are required to pl. refer the Ph.D. Ordinances/ RET Information Brochures for eligibility etc

    • Merely submission of application for a course does not entitle a candidate to be considered for admission to a course until and unless he fulfils the eligibility conditions

    • However, there is no minimum and upper age limit for foreign nationals

    • The Hostel accommodation may be provided subject to its availability

    • The Processing Fee and Additional Charges are to be paid at International Centre in the form of Bank Draft in INR or in USD equivalent to INR amount.','','','','newsTxt1');

    • All the students are expected to put up Full Attendance during the Academic Session.

    • Invition of rate of interest from public & private sector Banks for the investment of surplus fund of BHU.For details click here.. New

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