Research and Innovations

The Department of English consists of 31 faculty members who regularly publish in reputed National and International journals from India and abroad.

At present, there are 120 research scholars on roll in the Department who are working in the areas of British and European Literatures, African Studies, Australian Literature, Caribbean and Latin American Writings, American and Canadian Literature, Gender Studies, Diaspora, Subaltern, Culture Studies, Folk and Performance Studies, Narratology, Peace Writings, Animal Studies, Film Studies and so on.

In order to promote research, the Department publishes a peer reviewed International Research Journal Research and Criticism. Further, with a view to foster literary aesthetics and creativity among students, it also publishes a students’ journal The Volcano. Besides organizing National and International Conferences/seminars on regular basis, the Department organizes two annual memorial lectures - The Purohit Swami and Vikramaditya Rai Memorial Lectures.

The Department regularly offers opportunity to scholars and teachers to present their work in progress/papers which are critically reviewed by the respondents. Such meetings usually take place every Saturday from 2.00 p.m to 4.00 p.m in the Department Seminar Hall.