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Computational Linguistics

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Linguistic Theories

Online Resource: Generative Linguistics: a comprehesive list of resources

Auto-lexical Grammar: An Introduction to Autolexical Grammar/Syntax

Articles on Relational Grammar

Construction Grammar Homepage

Dik's Functional Grammar Homepage

Systemic Grammar Homepage

Role and Reference Grammar Homepage

Dependency Grammar Homepage

Word Grammar Homepage

Ohio State HPSG Homepage

Stanford HPSG Homepage

Stanford LFG Homepage

Lexical Functional Grammar: Introduction

The Rutger's Optimality Theory Archives: (ROA)

The Minimalist Syntax Homepage

Montague Grammar: Logic and Language

Categorial Grammar Homepage

Working Papers, etc

Articles on DP structure

MIT Online Papers

On-line Resources at Penn

Computational OT Papers

Working/Occasional Papers Online

UCL Working Papers in Linguistics

Germanic Linguistics Occasional Papers

Generative Grammar in Geneva

University of Penn Working Papers in Linguistics

University of Maryland Working Papers in Linguistics

Oxford Working Papers in Linguistics

SIL Electronic Working Papers

Carolina Working Papers in Linguistics

Linguistics in Big Apple
CUNY/NYU Working Papers in Linguistics

Linguistic Notes from La Jolla

Carolina Working Papers in Linguistics

Davis Working Papers in Linguistics

Catalan Working Papers in Linguistics

Working Papers : The Summer Institute of Linguistics/University of North Dakota Session

University of Sussex Working Papers in Linguistics and English Language

Working Papers in TESOL & Applied Linguistics
Teachers College, Columbia University

UH Working Papers in Linguistics

Reading Working Papers in Linguistics

Working Papers in English and Applied Linguistics: Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge

Working Papers in Linguistics
Department of Linguistics
The Northwestern University

LFG Morphosyntax

OT-LFG: Optimal Syntax-LFG

LFG Mailing List

Linguistics: Minimalist Issues Chatroom

Online Archives

Semantics Archive at UCSD

Rutgers Optimality Archive-1=2

LFG Archives

Arizona Minimalist Syntax Archive

SemiticArchive: Linguistics Research Papers

Linguistics Papers at the University of Essex

Chinese Linguistics

TAAL e-prints Archive

Oliver Steele's Linguistic Archives

Tuebingen HPSG Archive

LFG Archive

The Universals Archive

Computation and Language E-Print Archive

BBS Prints Archive: Linguistics

Pidgins and Creoles Archive

UND Linguistics Archive

Books Online

Representation and Inference for Natural Language
A First Course in Computational Semantics
Patrick Blackburn and Johan Bos

Working with Discourse Representation Theory
An advanced Course in Computational Semantics
Patrick Blackburn and Johan Bos

Natural Language Processing in Lisp
Gerald Gazdar, Chris Mellish
Wokingham: Addison-Wesley.

Natural Language Processing in Prolog
Gerald Gazdar, Chris Mellish
Wokingham: Addison-Wesley.

Natural Language Processing in Pop11
Gerald Gazdar, Chris Mellish
Wokingham: Addison-Wesley.

Reference to Kinds in English
Gregory N. Carlson
Garland 1980.

Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology
Ronald A. Cole et. al.

A step-by-step introduction to the Government and Binding theory of syntax
Cheryl A. Black

CIIL Grammars Online

Online Journals

Linguistic Discovery

The Web Journal of Modern Language Linguistics

Journal of Language and Linguistics

Applied Semiotics


The Internet TESL Journal

Language Learning and Technology

Language in India

Technical Reports/Proceedings Online

LFG Online Proceedings

HPSG Online Proceedings

15th ESSLLI: Vienna, Austria, 5-16 August, 2002

14th ESSLLI: Trento,Italy, 18 - 29, August 2003

13th ESSLLI: Helsinki, Finland, 13-24 August, 2001

12th ESSLLI: Birmingham, 6-18 August, 2000

11th ESSLLI: Utrecht University, 9-20 August, 1997

10th ESSLLI: Saarbr�cken, 17-28 August, 1998

9th ESSLLI: Aix-en-Provence, France, August 11-22, 1997.

CSLI Technical Reports

IRCS Technical Report Series

ILLC Research Reports: Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation, Universiteit van Amsterdam

HCRC Research Reports: Human Communication Research Center, Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow

Dissertations Online

University of Surrey
Applied Linguistics Research Group

Ohio State Dissertations in Linguistics

Harvard University Linguistics Publications, Dissertations

UCLA Dissertations in Linguistics

Maryland Linguistics Doctoral Dissertations

Dissertations in Computational Phonology

Boston University Linguistics Dissertations

Saarbruecken Dissertations in Computational Linguistics and Language Technology

University at Buffalo Linguistics Dissertations

Delaware Dissertations in Linguistics

Dissertations of the American Sign Language


DFKI Language Lab Publications

Psychology, Neuroscience, and Linguistics, Computer Science.

Linguistics Resources-1

Linguistics and Human Languages: Yahoo Directory

SIL International

Yamada Language Guides

Lexicon of Linguistics

Linguistics Tools/Softwares Online

RODOPI: Search

CSLI Publications

BBS Online: Behavioral and Brain Sciences-Linguistics

UGC=NET=Syllabus: Linguistics(pdf): University Grants Commission of India

CIILCentral Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore

IIAS: Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla

ICSSR: Indian Council of Social Science Research

IPA Chart

Greek Albhabets

Roman Numerals

Mathematical Formula Chart

Chemistry Chart-Periodic table


TOFEL-Official web site


Logic and Set Theory

Set Theory

Psycholinguistics Resource-link

Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics: Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Psycholinguistics and Computational Cognition Lab: University of Californial, Riverside

MIT OpenCourseWare: Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Cognitive Psychology-Links

Speech Language Pathology Website

Computational Linguistics
Linguist Homepage

Arvind Joshi
Computer and Cognitive Science, Tree Adjoining Grammar

Ray C Dougherty
Generative Grammar, Minimalist Framework

Rajesh Bhatt
Syntax Semantics Interface, Syntax, Semantics, Tree Adjoining Grammars, Computational Linguistics, Indo-Aryan Languages

Chris Brew
Text-to-Speech, Multilingual speech synthesis, Statistical machine translation

Henry S Thompson
Data-Intensive Linguistics, Language Corpora and Corpus Management and Markup Architectures.

Paola Merlo
Corpus-based Techniques, Human Acquisition and Sentence Processing, Automatic Document Clustering

Suzanne Stevenson
Statistical Approaches in Natural Language Parsing, Ambiguity Resolution, and Automatic Acquisition of Grammatical Knowledge from Large Text Corpora

Doug Arnold
Computational Linguistics, Formal and Descriptive Grammar, Unification Based approaches

Paul Portner
PageSemantic Issues in Computational Linguisics

Online Books

A Practical Introduction to Prolog and Computational Linguistics

Representation and Inference for Natural Language: A First Course in Computational Semantics
By Patrick Blackburn and Johan Bos

Working with Discourse Representation Theory: An Advanced Course in Computational Semantics
By Patrick Blackburn & Johan Bos

Natural Language Computing: An English Generative Grammar in Prolog
By Ray C Dougherty

Natural Language Processing in Lisp
By Gerald Gazdar and Chris

Natural Language Processing in Prolog
By Gerald Gazdar and Chris Mellish

Natural Language Processing in Pop11
By Gerald Gazdar and Chris Mellish

Reference to Kinds in English
By Gregory N. Carlson

Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology
By Ronald A Cole et. al.

A Step-by-Step Introduction to the Government and Binding Theory of Syntax
By Cheryl A Black

Grammatical Formalism

Tree Adjoining Grammar

Lexical Functional Grammar: The Stanford Web Site

HPSG/MT: HPSG Homepage, Ohio State Web Site

HPSG: Homepage, CSLI Web Site

HPSG: HPSG in T�bingen


Bibliography: Corpus Linguistics

Bibliography : NTT Machine Translation Group

Bibliography: Machine Translation Evaluation

Bibliography: Applied and Computational Linguistics

Bibliography : Language Evolution and Computation

Bibliography: Computational Phonology/Morphology/Speech/Orthography

Bibliography: Computational Linguistics

Bibliography: Language Evolution and Computation (LECB)

Publications: Machine Translation (John Hutchins)

Publications: Linguistics/Computational Linguistics

CL Books: Computational Linguistics Books with brief Descriptions

Institutions/Associations/Organizations/Interest Groups 

ACL Anthology: Association for Computational Linguistics

EACL: The European Chapter of the ACL

SIGPARSE: ACL Special Interest Group on Parsing

SIGNLL: ACL Special Interest Group on Natural Language Learning

SIGHAN: ACL Special Interest Group of Chinese Language Processing

SIGLEX: ACL Special Interest Group for lexicography/online dictionaries/computational lexical semantics

SIGSEM : ACL Special Interest Group on Computational Semantics

SIGNEDIA: ACL Special Interest Group on Multimedia Language Processing

SIGDIAL: ACL Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue

SIGGEN: ACL Special Interest Group on Generation

ACM: Association for Computing Machinery

SIGART: ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence

ACM Digital Library

SIGIR: ACM Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval

SIGPHON Proceedings

FOLLI: European Association for Logic, Language and Information

ICCL: International Committee on Computational Linguistics

EURALEX: European Association for Lexicography

EAMT: The European Association for Machine Translation

MOL: The Association for Mathematics of Language

ACH: Association for Computers and Humanities

IMS Stuttgart: Computational Linguistics in Europe

CLUK: UK Computational Linguistics in UK

CLIF: Computational Linguistics in Flanders

CLAC: Computational Linguistics at Concordia

Text Encoding Initiative: Welcome to the TEI Website

The ACL NLP/CL Universe

TREC: Text Retrieval Conference

TELRI: Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure

SDJT: The Slovenian Language Technologies Society

The Retrieval Group

Links: Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing

Group: Glasgow Information Retrieval Group

Organizations : Computational Linguistics

Activities/ Publications: Centre for Computational Linguistics: Katholieke Universeit Leuven

AIMA: Natural Language Processing Special Interest Group (NLP-SIG)

NoDaLiNe: Nordisk Datalinguistisk Nettverk

CLCG: Centre for Language and Cognition Groningen

CLIN: Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands

RUCCS: Rutgers University, Center for Cognitive Science

ICL/MT: Research Group, University of Essex

Computational Linguistics: at New York University

ICL/MT: Research Group, University of Essex

TDIL: Technology Development for Indian Languages, Ministry of Comunnications and Information Technology

Language Technology Lab: IIT Kanpur, Dept of Computer Science and Engineering

New York University Natural Language Computing Project: The primary goal of the Natural Language Computing Project is to implement a model for human language that is complete and consistent with Noam Chomsky's theory of Universal Grammar (UG)


Prolog Tutorial

C++ Tutotial

W3SCHOOL.COM: Online Tutorial for HTMT/XML/CSS/Javascript, etc

LISP Tutorial

C Basics

Artificial Intelligence through Prolog: Full Text

W3C: Online Tutorial for HTML/CSS, etc and much more

PLT Online: Programming language theory texts online

USACS: Rutgers Undergraduate Allaince of Computer Scientists

javascript: Tutorials



Projects: CSLI: Final Year Projects in Computational Linguistics

Institutions: Central and Eastern European Survey

Links: Colibri

Links: Noun Phrase Parsing

Corpus-Based: Learning for Noun Phrase Coreference Resolution

GSLT: Cource Works Machine Translation

Funding Agencies

FAQ: Natural Language Processing

ACL2: Computational Linguistics course

Course Description: Ohio University Computational Linguistics



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