1.  Departmental Publication:

1. Spinoza in the Light of the Vedānta by Dr. R. K. Tripathi

2. The Integral Advaitism of Sri Aurobindo by Dr. R. S. Mishra

3. The Yogācāra Idealism by Dr. A. K. Chatterjee

4. Prakarana Pa cikā of Śālikanātha Miśra with the commentary Nyāyaśuddhi Ed. Pt. A. Subrahmanya Śāstri 


5.The Philosophy of Martin Heidegger Prof. J. L. Mehta

6. The Concept of Philosophy

7. Language and Reality

8. Vedānta and Buddhism

9. Readings on Yogācāra Buddhism Dr. A. K. Chatterjee

10. A Source Book of Śa kara Prof. N. K. Devaraja

11. Problems of Philosophy and Religion Dr. R. K. Tripathi

12. On Values and Norms : An Intuitional Query Dr. Unto Tahtinen

13. Vedic Religion Prof. K. C. Chattopadhyaya

14. Zoroastrian Religion Prof. K. C. Chattopadhyaya

15. Religious Language and other Papers Eds. Prof. N. S. S. Raman & Dr. K. N. Mishra

16. The Concept of Sāk i in Advaita Vedānta Dr. A. K. Chatterjee & Dr. R. R. Dravid

  17.Ānvīksikī (Research Bulletin of the Centre) [Details...]

Publication under Special Assistance Programme:

1.    T. R.V. Murti and Indian Philosophical Tradition

(Professor T. R. V. Murti Memorial Volume), 1989.

2.    Religion and Philosophy in S. Radhakrishnan s Thought, 1989.

3.   Spirituality , Religion and Philosophy (Professor R. K. Tripathi Memorial Volume), 1990.

4.    Scientific Temper and Indian Epistemology, 1990.

5.   Indian Philosophy of Language, 1990.

6.   Ānvīk ikī (Special Volume 2003)  

Individual Publications


1. Dr. U.C. Dubey :

i. Sri Aurobindo our Bradley ka Paramatattvavada, 1982. Sri Aurobindo ka
         Samskrti Darsana, 1992.

2. Dr. D.A. Gangadhar:
   i. Essays in Philosophy of Religion, 1980. 
       ii. Mahatma Gandhis Philosophy of Brahmacharya, 1984.
iii. Modern Logic (Hindi)-1984.
iv. S. Radhakrishnans Philosophy &Religion (Hindi)-1995 

3. Dr. S. Vijaya Kumar (ed.)
i. T.R.V. Murti and Indian Philosophical Tradition (1989)

4. Dr. A.K. Rai:    
Books edited:
         i . Religion and Philosophy in S.radhakrishnan, Ed. With Prof. L.N.
           Shrama and K Mishra anviksiki (Vol. II, No 1 Aug. 1989.
      ii. Indian Philosophy of Language, Anviksiki, Vol. (III)2
            Aug.1990.Published papers:
          i."The possibility of Jivan-mukti in  Samkhya,   Yoga and Advaita
              -Vedanta, in Yoga   and  Spiritual Awareness, (Vol. I, No. 4, 1980)
           ii."Samvrti and Paramartha in the Madhyamika  Thought" in Indian
             Philosophical Quarterly,  Vol. VIII, No.3, April, 1981).
       iii.   "Dvandavada evam marxavadi Adarsa" (Hindi) in  Paramarsa (Sept.
       iv.  Comparison Versus Non-comparison in Philosophy:
             Aplea for comparative philosophy in Anviksiki, 1988.
       v. "Some comments on Prof. Murtis Criticism of Functional Approach to
            the madhyamika philosophy", Anviksiki, Vol. No. (1) Jan., 1987.
      vi."Navya-nyaya me paksata", me paksata, Unmilan,Year 5, No. 1, Jan.,
      vii. "Non-tenability of Metalanguage in the context of the paradox of
            Nagarjuna's Dialectic", in P.V. Bapat Felicitation Volume (Indian Book
             centre, Delhi, 1989).
       viii. Some Reflections on the meaning of Sakala in Navya-Nyaya,Anviksiki,
             (Aug., 1990).
        ix. Kantdarsane darsansya svarupam (in sanskrit
             Mahamahopadhyayacinna swami sastrinam  janmasatabda- smarka
              granthah, 1990.
^O;kfIr ds fl)kUr y{k.k dk ,d rkfdZd v/;;u1%
^O;kfIr ds fl)kUr y{k.k dk ,d rkfdZd v/;;u2%
       xii.'Paksata in navya-nyaya', Journal of Indian  Philosophy, (Vol. 23 No. 1
       xiii."The Positive Dimension of sunyata in Nagarjuna" in Philosophy,
             Grammer and Indology (Indian Books Centre, 1992).
xiv. ckS) /keZ vkSj /keZ fujis{krk in ckS) /keZ vkSj /keZ
ed. By R.K. Dwivedi lEiw.kkZuUn laLd`r

5. Dr. D.N. Tiwari:
     i.  The Upanisadic View of Life. 
     ii.  The central Problems of Bhartrharis Philosophy (2008).

6.  Dr. M.R. Mehta :
i. Dictionary of Jain Terms (Prakrit to English and Hindi)
     ii.(Chief Editor)Anusilana, Research Journal of Indian Cultural,Social &
         Philosophical Stream.

7. Dr. Kripa Shankar  :
   Yuktidipika Ka Samiksatmaka Adhayana

8. Dr. D.B. Chaube :
    i.Mind Body Relation in Indian Philosophy, (Tara  Book  Agency, Varanasi, 1991). 
      ii. (Chief editor) Darsanik Vimarsha (A Research journal of  applied Indian
           philosophy and  comparative philosophy,  published since- 2008 
9.  Dr. S.P. Pandey  :
  Bharatiya Darshan Mein Cetana Ka Swarupa. 

10. Dr. Ananda Mishra :
   i. Shankaracharya Evam Jean Paul Sartre ke  Darshan Meikn  Manava
ii. Samvitprakasvada.
11. Dr. Sachchidanand Mishra  Books:
1. Nyaya Darshan Mein Anuman: Original book in Hindi Bharatiya Vidya
        Prakashan, Delhi. 
    2. Tattwachintamani-Prabha Critically edited with a long Introduction KSD
         University  Darbhanga-2005
   3. Ishvarparyalochanam Original book in Sanskrit Bharatiya   Vidya
   4. Vyutpattivad with a detailed introduction and commentary  in     Hindi (in
       two volumes)  Bharatiya  Vidya  Prakashan,Delhi     2001
   5.  Nyayadarshanam  introduction and commentary in  Hindi       Bharatiya 
Vidya  Prakashan,Delhi1999. 

11. Dr. R.K. Jha
      Published papers:
     i ."Advaitism as revealed in the Saundary-lahari," Philosophy,Grammar
         and Indology, ed.  Dr. H.S. Prasad, Sri Satguru Publications, N. Delhi,
         1992, pp.185-219.
     ii. "Post-modernism and Advaitic spirituality," Reason, Dialectic   and
          Post-modern  Philosophy: Indian and  Western   Perspectives, ed. Dr.
          R.P. Singh, Om Publications, Faridabad,   2001, pp.185-195.
     iii. "The Response of Non-dualism (Advaitism) to the Problem of
           Individualism," The  Journal of Religious  Studies,
           Vol.XXXIII,spring-autumn2002, pp.21-35.
     iv. "Purusharthas and the Tribal Worldview," Tribe, Culture, Art,  ed. Dr.
           Vanlalnghak &S.K. George, DVS  Publications,    Guwahati, 2005,

12. Dr. Abhimanyu Singh :  
: Three papers published

13. Dr. Satish Chandra Dubey  :
:  One paper published 

14. Ms. Grace Darling:
      : Traditional Games & Sports of Zeliangrong Nagas


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