Life Sketch of Mahamana Pt. Madanmohan Malaviya Ji

Dec. 1861        : Born at Allahabad
1878               :Marriage with Smt. Kundan Devi at Mirzapur
1884                :Passed B.A. Examination from Calcutta University
July 1884         :Appointed as Teacher in Govt. School, Allahabad
Dec. 1886        :Addressed to the 2nd All India Congress Session under the Chairmanship of Dada Bhai Naoroji
July 1887         :Brought out ‘HINDOSTHAN’ hindi daily as editor in Kalakankar
1891                :Left Hindosthan and started studying Law
1892                :Started practice in the district court
Dec. 1893        :Started practice in Allahabad High Court
Mar. 1898        :Submitted memorandum to Lt. Governor on Hindi
1902-1903       :Construction of Hindu Boarding House at Allahabad
1903-1912       :Elected member of State Council
Jan. 1906         :Organized Sanathan Dharma Mahasabha in the Kumbha Mela and decided to establish Indian University in Banaras.
1907                :Brought our Hindi weekly ‘ABHYUDAYA’
1909                :Started the publication of ‘Leader’ as editor
Oct. 1910        :Presided the first session of Hindi Sahitya Sammelan at Varanasi.
Nov. 28, 1911   :Constituted Hindu University Society.
Dec. 1911        :Left legal practice and decided to devote whole time for the service of the country and establishment of Banaras Hindu University.
Feb. 1915        :Constituted Prayag Seva Samiti.
Oct. 1915        :Banaras Hindu University Bill introduced.
Feb.4, 1916     :Foundation stone of BHU laid.
1918                :Organized Scout Association under Seva Samiti.
Dec. 1918         : Presided AICC Annual Session at Delhi.
Feb. 1919        : Resigned from the legislative council on the issue of Rowlat Bill.
Apr. 19, 1919  :Presided Hindu Sahitya Sammelan at Bombay.
1910-1920       :Elected as a member of Indian Legislative Council.
Dec. 16, 1922  :Delivered lecture on Hindu-Muslim amity at Lahore.
Jan. 1924         :Constituted the Independent Party with Mohd. Ali Jinnah. Later constituted the Nationalist Party in collaboration with Swarajya Party.
Aug. 1926        :Constituted Congress Independent Party with Lala Lajpat Rai.
Dec. 1929        :Convocation Address in Banaras Hindu University.
Apr. 2, 1930    :Resigned from the Assembly.
Apr. 5, 1931    :Delivered lecture on Hindu-Muslim unity at Kanpur.
1931                :Attended round table conference with Mahatma Gandhi.
Mar. 1932       :The All India Swadeshi Sangh constituted under his chairmanship.
Apr. 20, 1932 :Arrested before president over the Congress Delhi Session.
Aug. 1934       :Delivered lecture on Harijan welfare in the presence of Mahatma Gandhi at Varanasi.
Jan. 1936         :Organized the session of Sanatan Dharma Mahasabha a resolution on Harijanoddhar movement.
1938                :Kayakalp.
Nov. 1939       :Appointed as a rector of Banaras Hindu University.
Jan. 1942         :Gandhiji delivered convocation address in the Silver Jubilee celebration of Banaras Hindu University.
Nov. 1946       :Mahamana passes away.