Research Mandate
Enzyme Engineering and Technology

  • Role of enzyme technology in industrial production of enzymes having importance in food industry.

  • Pectinases produced by A.niger used in fruit juice processing in wine making.

  • Proteinases obtained from Bacillus sp.used in food processing such as cheese making (rennet), baking & brewing.

  • Cellulose produced by some Trichoderma sp. Used in cereal processing, alcohol fermentation from biomass, brewing & waste treatment.

  • Hemicelluloses obtained from A.niger used in baking doughs, brewing mashes and alcohol fermentation.

  • Lactases obtained from Aspergillus sp. used in fermentation of cheese whey to ethanol.

  • Lipase produced by Rhizopus. sp. used as flavouring & digestive aid in food industry.

  • Amylase obtained from Bacillus sp. used for starch hydrolysis &glucose formation.

  • Papain & Trypsin used in digestive aid & meat tenderization in food industry.

  • Aspartate leading to production of low calorie sweet known as aspartame.

  • Production & purification of enzymes.

  • Detailed study of protein structure, their types and amino acid sequences.

  • Enzyme activity & stability increase under specific operational conditions & effects of various physical and chemical parameters (temperature, pH, Ionic strength)

  • Coenzymes and Synzymes.