International Collaborations

Centre of Food Science and Technology has embarked on major international collaborative programmes with leading universities in USA and Europe to promote student and faculty exchange, joint academic programmes and joint research programmes etc. Some of the important MoUs formalized are listed below:

1.MoU between BHU and Institute of Food Science, Cornell University, USA was approved for faculty and student exchange in 2010.

Prof. D. P. Singh and Dr. Susan Henry signing MoU on April 21, 2010 at Cornell University, Ithaca, USA.

2. Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES) Programme between BHU, University of Copenhagen, Wageningen University, The Netherlands and Anna University, Chennai has been approved by European Commission.

Prof. D. P. Singh, Vice Chancellor of BHU and Dr. Per Holten Anderson, Dean signing a MoU with University of Copenhagen, Denmark on December 4, 2009.

Dr. Alok Jha and Dr. Leif Skibsted signing Letter of Agreement for Cooperation in Food Science and Technology

3. MoU between BHU and The University of Georgia, USA & University of Illinois, USA were signed in April, 2010 in which Food Science and Technology is a major component.

Prof. D. P. Singh, BHU VC and Dr. Scott Angle, Dean, COAES, The University of Georgia signing the MoU on April 28, 2010.

Prof. D. P. Singh, BHU Vice Chancellor exchanging MoU with Dr. Robert Easter, Chancellor, University of Illinois on April 29, 2010.