All India Coordinated Maize Improvement Project at Varanasi centre was created in the IX plan period which actually come into existence from April 2001. The centre was created with mandate to work mainly on rabi maize and also on early during kharif season. Varanasi centre is participating in maize research programme of the country as follows:

1. Evaluation of various hybrids/ composites through Co-ordinated varietal trial during rabi as well as kharif season.

2. Development of experimental varieties suitable for cultivation during rabi as well as kharif season.

3. Demonstration of improved cultivars and agrotechnologies including speciality corn viz. QPM, Sweet corn, Baby             corn etc. among the farmers through Front Line Demonstration, Radio talks etc.

4. Various experimental hybrids/ composite namely V-32, V-33, V-35, V-36, V-37 etc. were given for testing in various trials. 

5. Centre has also identified suitable germplasm for excess moisture tolerance which will be utilized in future breeding programme.

6. Organizes training programmes on Maize Production Technologies for agriculture officers of U.P. govt.