Malviaya basmati (HUBR 2-1) is semi draft, medium maturing, scented rice variety suitable for cultivation in irrigated area of Uttar Pradesh, Western Bihar and adjoining area of Madhya Pradesh. This variety is suitable for cultivation in rice/wheat cropping system. HUBR 2-1 was released by State Varietal Release Committee of U.P. on its meeting held on 29-09-2004 for U.P.
Notification: The HUBR 2-1 was notified for U.P by Central sub committee on crop standards, notification and release of variety, on its meetings held on 21-03-2005 in chairmanship of Deputy Director General Crop, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Deputy Commissioner Seeds (Quality Control) acted as secretary. However, this variety is very popular in western Bihar & adjoining area of M.P., in addition to whole U.P.
Important Attributes:
Parentage                    : HBR92/Pusa Basmati/Kasturi
Height                          : 100-110 cm
Maturity                      : 1125-130 Days
Flag leaf                      : Thick erect, green  
Resistant                    : Blast disease
Stem borer                 : Tolerant = BLB
Yield                            : 45-50 q/hq
Tillerny                      : 15-20 tiller/hill
Kernel length            : 6.8-7.2 mm.
Seed shape                 : Slightly curved with awning tendency
Amylose content       : 22% ( Medium desirable )
Gel consistency        : Medium
Scent                          : Highly scented; scent retained till 2-3 years in rice grains
Taste                          : Best (Quality wise)
Cooking quality       : Very good with almost double elongation after cooking
Timely sown wheat / potato / mustard can be taken after harvesting HUBR 2-1. Farmers may earn Rs. 50.000 / hq by this scented basmati variety.
HUR 3022 (Malviya Dhan 3022) is early maturing, high yielding, dwarf variety   with long slender grain and good cooking quality that suits very much for rice-vegetable / potato/ rape seed mustard  cultivation. This variety was released by State Varietal Release Committee of U.P. for whole Uttar Pradesh on its Meeting held on 29-09-2004.
Notification: Central sub committee on crop standard, notification and release of variety notified HUR 3022 on its meeting held on 21-03-2005 in chairmanship of Deputy Director General crop, Indian Council of Agricultural Research for cultivation in whole U.P. However, this variety is spread and occupied vast area in Western Bihar due to its early maturity, high yield, long slender grain and good cooking quality.
Important Attributes:
Parentage               : IR36/HR137
Breeding                 : Hybridization & Pedigree method sleet ion 
Height                      : 100-105 cm
Maturity                  : 105-110 Days
Talliring                 : 15-25 high tillering 
Lodging                   : Lodging resistant
Panicle                    : large (30-35 cm, drupes) due to erect study plant stature
Blast disease          : Resistant to neck & leaf blast  
Yield                         : 50-55 q/hq out yielded Saket4 & NDR 80
Millings %             : 70 %
HRR %                    : 60 %
Seed shape               : Slightly curved with awning tendency
Amy lose                  : 20 -22% Medium
Gel consistency      : Medium desirable
Kernel length         : 6.2-6.5 mm.
Pannel Test             : Good
Farmers can cultivable Potato, Mustard, Cauliflower and other vegetable after harvesting the rice crop. Farmers can earn about Rs. 35,000/- to 40,000/- per hectare by cultivating this variety. 
HUR PB-1-97S HUR 7-2
HUR 105 HUR 271
HUR-36 (Malviya Dhan - 36) : It is semi-tall, mutant of Mahsuri and it respond well even in dry condition/ less rainfall and has got superior adoptability for cultivation in the different agro-climatic condition of U.P. It yields as high as 40-45 Q/ha and matures within 135 days. It possesses fine, long, cylinder grain with excellent cooking quality. It suits best for rice wheat cropping system for timely sown wheat.