Department of Kaumarbhrityal Balroga



  • Role of Medhya Rasayana in Mentally Handicapped Children
  • Role of Panchakarma in Bala Pakshaghata i.e. Post polio paresis
  • Use of Bala Rasayana and other drugs to enhance Vyadhi-Kshamatva
    (Non-specific immunity) in neonates and children
  • Treatment of Krimiroga through Ayurvedic Principles (prakriti
    vighata) · Development of Ayurvedic O.R.S. · Role of Bala oil in thermo-regulation in the newborns.


  • Concepts and use of indigenous drugs related to care of the newborns,
    infants and children.
  • Specific treatment of Bronchial Asthma, Diarrhea, anemia with herbal /
    herbo-mineral drugs.
  • Breast milk test and their effect on the infants.
  • Herbo-mineral drug toxicity in children

Future Vision

  • To develop Level - III Shishu Paricharya Ekai (Neonatal care Unit) to provide eritieal eare for ill babies weighing less than 1500 gram or born before 32 week of gestation age by using concepts and drugs or recipes of Ayurveda by 2015.
  • Close circuit recording of day to day activity of normal/abnormal newborns especially during admission period, analysis of the newborns
    (both normal! abnormal) activity to make an early diagnosis of neurologically handicapped baby and early introduction of such type of
    management for good physical and mental health, which shall enable them to live good life and significant position in the society.
  • To develop, early diagnosis and management of neurologically handicapped baby, different techniques and procedures such as Shasti Shali Pinda Svedan, Shirodhara, Vasti, Nasya etc will be used in collaboration with other University depts. to improve their physical, mental and social performance.
  • Rational use of Herbo-mineral drugs
  • Herbo-mineral drug toxicity in children (?)