Department of Kaumarbhrityal Balroga

Infrastructure of Kaumarbhritya or teaching & Patient care

Departmental Management

Teaching classes as well as research work of B.A.M.S & M.D. (Ay.) are discussed, analyzed and carried out by the consultant and SR of the department along with the teachers of other departments of faculties of the University

Hospital Management:

Facilities available:
. Level -IIl to III Neonatal care (Critical care for ill babies weighing
less than 1500 gram or born before 32 week of gestation, Perinatal care round the clock for monitoring (except ventilators, Pulse oximeter, ABG Analyzer); Phototherapy Equipment for resuscitation, maintenance of thermoneutral environment

. Procedures such as Shasti Shali Pinda Svedan, Shirodhara, Vasti, Nasya etc, Exchange blood Transfusion( EBT), Photo therapy Bone Marrow Aspiration , Lumber puncture, Chest intubation (Thoracocentesis) etc.

Diseases e.g. myopathy esp., Muscular dystrophy, Cortisone resistant Nephrotic Syndrome; Infants of early age associated with Cerebral Palsy, chronic Bronchial asthma, Gluten enteropathy, Post meningeal sequalae etc are treated with the ayurvedic management.

Breast milk Test -

It is routinely carried out in the OPD/ IPD to assess the quality of the mother milk and their effect on the infants.