Department of Kaumarbhrityal Balroga

Post Graduate Diploma in Neonatal & Child Care [PGDNC (AY)]

The objective of the department is to develop high level program for worldwide medical talents having management orientation and develop personal career chances in a changing and expanding health sector.
The Skilled diploma holder doctor shall be able-

1- to provide optimum neonatal and child care to reduce the neonatal, infantile and pediatric morbidity and mortality
2- to prevent complications of inadequate resuscitation
3- to provide palliative and /or curative care to the chronically ill children such as CP & asthma.
4- to produce skilled child specialist for serving medical care to the children at root level of society.
5- to develop pediatric hospital (Ay) as quality-oriented and result driven commercial enterprises, operating in a fiercely competitive global environment