Blood Bank

Existing Equipments

Automatic Tube Sealer (Terumo)

Xylo- auto mated gel card blood grouping equipment

Freeze Dryer

Blood Collection System

Double door Blood Storage Refrigerator

Distillation Still, Automatic 

Vertical Laminar Flow

Single  door Blood Storage Refrigerator

Blood Storage Refrigerator

Hot Air Oven

Cell separator

Vertical deep Freezer (-700C)

Autoclave, Vertical

Electronic Balance, 200 gm.

Refrigerated Centrifuge

Water Bath


Refrigerated Water Bath

Frost Free Refrigerator

Blood Storage Refrigerator 40C -200 Bags

Horizontal Laminar Flow

Electronic Balance

Vertical Deep Freezer (-700C)

pH Meter

Deep Freezer ( -40OC)

Refrigerated Centrifuge

Hand Tube Sealer with Cutter

Gel card Reader

Platelet Incubator with Shaker

ELISA Reader + Auto Wash

Remi Centrifuge - 8C, Table Top



Vertical Autoclave

Refrigerator 310 Lt.