Department of Community Medicine


This is the highest over spread department of the IMS, BHU.
.Apart from the in-house department at IMS building the appendages of the
department are at

  • Rural Health and Training Centre (RHTC), Chiraigaon, the best RHTC so
    far in India.
  • Urban Health Centre, Sunderpur covering about 5000 population in slum
    areas of Varanasi, Medical College of India
  • The Community Health Centre, Narayanpur and Tikari provide care for prior born population of Varanasi. These centres are unique to the Community Medicine Department of IMS, BHU.
  • Centre for Population Education Extension and Research (CPERE) as a special centre of UGC planning to cover entire Varanasi district with 80 satellite convergence units.
  • The Deptt. has special division of Biostatistics which is seen in only few