Department of Forensic Medicine 


1.    Late Prof SM Dasgupta, Founder Head, received prestigious DR. B. C. ROY NATIONAL AWARD AND GOLD MEDAL in 1979 and he was the first forensic medicine person to receive this award in India.

2.    PROF C B TRIPATHI, former HEAD, received Fellowship of ICFMT.

3.    Prof. S. K. TRIPATHI was honoured as free Life member of IMPALMS and elected as VICE PRESIDENT-INDO- PACIFIC ASSOCIATION OF LAW,  MEDICINE & SCIENCE (IMPALMS) (1992 T0 1995)

             Founder member-saarc association of forensic sciences in 1993.

             Honoured with Fellowship of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine.

             Honoured as Active member New York Academy of Sciences (USA). (1997)

             Acted as Expert panel member of national seminar of fingerprint science and law     

             organised by institute of judicial training and research, U. P., Lucknow.

Academic and Research:

MD (Forensic Medicine) Degree awarded - 42

Ongoing MD research work - 6

M. B. B. S. students passing each year - 84

PhD Degree Awarded-21 

Ongoing PhD research- 4