Academic activities:

  • Ward Rounds: Daily
  • Case presentation (DM students) Tuesday
  • Seminar: Thursday
  • Journal club/ Endocrine club: Saturday

Clinical events & activities

  • World diabetes Day 14th Nov.2009
  • Patient education Prgramme Every Sunday in Endocrine Ward
  • Education of Type 1 diabetics : Individual Basis

Ongoing Research activities

1. DM (Endocrinology)

a. Prevalence of goiter , thyroid autoimmunity and iodine status among school children
b. Prevalence of thyroid disorders in pregnancy
c. Haptoglobin phenotype in type 2 diabetic subjects with and without nephropathy

2. MD(Medicine)

a. Study of prevalence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and carotid atherosclerosis in overweight and obese subjects
b. Clinico-microbiologic study on diabetic foot infections with special reference to PCR detection of anaerobes
c. Study on vitamin D status in type 2 diabetics with pulmonary tuberculosis

3. Ph.D. students

a. Immunological status in diabetic foot infection with special reference to vitamin D deficiency
b. Study on metabolic syndrome and beta cell dysfunction in type 2 diabetics and their relatives
c. Molecular-genetic analysis of disorders of male sexual development