Department of Kayachikitsa

Highlights of the department

This department is one of the best departments of Kayachikitsa at national level. Hundreds of Postgraduates produced by this department are holding high positions throughout the country. The Department is reputed for its patient care services for major chronic diseases like acute and chronic gastro-intestinal disorders, rheumatism, asthma, diabetes, chronic cardiovascular disease, neuropathies, skin diseases, mental and psychosomatic diseases including residual psychoses etc. The Panch Karma therapy Unit of this Department is one of the best of such services in the country providing Samsodhana and beautification therapy on classical pattern with due scientific input. Panchakarma is the utmost class of therapeutic procedures since vedic period to now a days, it have unique combination of five body evacuatory procedures preceded by oleation-sudation and followed by dietetic prescription. According to ancient saints of Ayurvedic literature this Panchakarma should be applied in all type of disorders, because the diseases who are treated only by drugs (samshaman therapy) may reoccur after a few time, but the disorders who are first subjected to evacuatory procedures (samshodhana therapy) get cured from the root and have no likelihood of reoccurrence. Ayurveda is the science of life through natural resources, so the therapeutic procedures covered in Panchakarma are more or less forced normal evacuatory measures. Word Panchakarma is made by union of two words; Pancha= Five and Karma= procedures, But gradually the numbers further expands to so many as dharakalp, pizichhil etc. are included latter on according to the need and advancement of the Ayurvedic science.