Department of Kayachikitsa

Weekly schedules (OPD)

OPD schedule in Kayachikitsa-

Room No. 21 (General OPD)
Monday - Prof. S.K. Tiwari
Tuesday - Prof. B.N. Upadhyay
Wednesday - Prof. N.P. Rai
Thursday - Dr. O.P. Singh
Friday - Prof. R.H. Singh/ Dr. Ajai Kumar Pandey
Saturday - Dr. Ajai Kumar Pandey
Room No. 22 (Speciality OPD)
Monday - Prof. N.P. Rai
Tuesday - Dr. O.P. Singh
Wednesday - Prof. S.K. Tiwari
Thursday - Prof. B.N. Upadhyay
Friday - Prof. N.P. Rai
Saturday - Prof. B.N. Upadhyay
Room No. 23 (Manas roga OPD)
Monday - Dr. K.N. Murthy
Tuesday - Rog Vigyan & Vikriti-vigyan
Wednesday - Dr. J.S. Tripathi
Thursday - Dr. K.N. Murthy
Friday - Dr. J.S. Tripathi
Saturday - Rog Vigyan & Vikriti-vigyan

Panchkarma procedures are carried out on all working days depending on availability of working staff, but Jalauka avacharana (blodd letting by leeches) is performed only three days a week, and they are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.