Research Activity

The department constantly strives in contributing knowledge through various publications. The department proudly has publication in around 300 international journals.
Such as : NEJM, LANCET, CID, AJTMS, BMJ, Tropical medicine and international health etc.
Also department has contributed more than 1000 publications in National Journals., Like : JAPI, JIAG, IJG, Indian journal of hematology, Indian journal of med research, JIMA, JIMI, Journal of infectious disease, etc.
Department feel proud to have chapters in international text books like DAVIDSON textbook of medicine, Conn's current therapy, etc.. and also national books like Medicine updates of API, etc..
Also the department faculty has edited/co-edited several national /international reputed books/journals like : international journal of infectious disease, new york JAPI, JIAG, Journal of hypertension etc.
The faculty of medicine department are the members of various international/national advisory committees and editorial boards like : WHO, Medicines San Francisco : Holland, government of Nepal expert committee on kala-azar, etc.
The faculty has received several prestigious awards and fellowships for their contribution to teaching and research. The department has been honored time to time for its achievement nationally and internationally. To name a few are;

  • ICMR Kamla Menon Award
  • Coelho Memorial Award API
  • AR Seth Award
  • Fellow National Academy Med Sc
  • IMA M.S. Award
  • Prof. N.N. Gupta Award
  • Dr. M.J. Shah Memorial Award
  • The department faculty are at reputed position in national and international scientific committees.. Such as :
  • President of IAG, AGI.
  • President of hypertensive society of India.
  • Chairman of expert group on diagnosis and treatment of kala-azar, Govt. of India.
  • Member of governing body of API
  • Faculty council member, Indian college of physician
  • Member of CCRAS, ministry of health., etc..
  • WHO Expert in Geriatrics
  • MCI inspectors for MBBS, MD Exam


DEPARTMENT OF GERIATRIC MEDICINE : Division of geriatric medicine was established in 2004. This division is undertaking undergraduate, postgraduate and research activities in geriatric medicine. IMS, BHU has been selected as one of the 10 centre under National Programme to develop as separated department and to initiated MD in geriatric medicine.

Out of 10 such centres in the country, IMS, BHU has been selected to be upgraded as centre of excellence.


Teaching of medicine starts in third semester at undergraduate level till the ninth semester. The teaching includes theory lectures, and daily bedside clinics in morning and evening. It also includes teaching of instruments, therapeutic procedures, etc.


Till last year 14 students used to join MD course but from this year, 16 students are being enrolled. They are separate teaching programmes for them which includes case presentation, journal club, seminars, clinical society meetings, etc. Apart from this the students get to learn through various CME'S, Workshops, conferences, etc, conducted by the department.
The department also run training programmes such as PhD and PGDGM (Postgraduate Diploma in Geriatrics). There are 14 PhD scholars who are taking training in the department.

The department has undertaken many projects and successfully completed them and still many projects are ongoing. Various projects of different bodies which are complete are as follows :

  • ICMR - 13
  • DST-01
  • DBT-01
  • WHO-02
  • Joint Indo-US Vaccine Action Programme
  • Rockefeller Foundation, New York, USA

Projects that are ongoing are:

  • Ministry of health-2
  • ICMR-2
  • NIAID, NIH, USA-01
  • NACO-ART Centre and Centre of Excellence
  • European commission-02
  • IDRI, USA-01
  • WHO - 02