Room no. 216(a,b,c)
General medicine OPD has the maximum number of patients with approximately 50000 patients/year.
The department runs OPD on all working days that is; six days a week.

With the explosion of knowledge and abundance in communication, medicine and medical practice has become ever challenging.
The department has been versatile with various divisions run by it which provides not only better and specialized care to the patients but also better understanding of the subject. It provides a platform of specialized training in such fields.
These divisions are;

  • Rheumatilogy
  • Haematology
  • Geriatrics
  • Medical Oncology and HIV/AIDS

Geriatrics : OPD's on Saturday (room:215)
Out patient and inpatient specialized care of different ailments is done pertaining to geriatric age group.
ART Clinic : All working days
Room no. : 215 (Monday/Wednesday)
Room no. : 217 (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/ Saturday)
ART Clinic of BHU is one of the centre of excellence providing out patient and in patient care to HIV patients.
The ART is given free of cost. Also investigations like chest x-ray, CD4 count are done free of cost for HIV patients.

Around 10000 patients are registered and around 6000 patients are on HAART. The centre also provide second line antiretroviral drugs for HIV.
Hematology : OPD Monday and Wednesday (room:217)
Outpatient and inpatient treatment of hematological diseases and also investigations like Bone marrow aspiration is done.
Medical Oncology: OPD Tuesday (room:215)
Specialized medical treatment for oncological problems like lymphoma, malignancies etc, is done in form of various chemotherapies.

Rheumatology : OPD twice weekly (room 212; Tuesday and Thursday)
Various rheumatological ailments like arthritis, collagen vascular disease are diagnosed and treated meticulously.

The department has 98 indoor beds. it has around 4000 admissions per year with a bed occupancy of >95%.
Apart from treatment of various diseases, the department has world renowned acclaim in field of providing care and research in infectious disease like Kala-azar (visceral leishmaniasis/VL). The department provide free treatment for Kala-azar.
Investigation like splenic aspiration is done routinely for diagnosis of VL.
Also the department provide special inpatient care to HIV patients.

The department provides round the clock emergency services and also admission of patients.
The department contributes the hospital emergency services with posting of MD postgraduate students on rotatary basis in the emergency department.