Established in 1961
Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Weekly Schedules (OT and OPD)

S.No. Name of Faculty Members OPD OT
1 Prof Anuradha Khanna Friday Wednesday
2 Prof L K Pandey Thursday Friday
3 Prof Sulekha Pandey Monday Tuesday
4 Prof Manjari Matah Tuesday Saturday
5 Prof N.R.Agrawal Wednesday Monday
6 Madhu Jain Saturday Thursday
7 Dr Sadhana Gupta Monday Tuesday, Friday

Menopausal Clinic

The following is the proposed days & Corresponding name of Faculty Members for Monopausak Clinic.

Monday Prof L.K.Pandey
Tuesday Prof Anuradha Khanna
Wednesday Prof Madhu Jain
Thursday Prof Sulekha Pandey
Friday Prof Manjari Matah
Saturday Prof Nisha Rani Agrawal

Adolescent Clinic inaugrated in Gyaecology OPD on 20.03.2009.

Emergency Duty Schedule of Consultants

Till Furthur Notice

Days Name of Consultants
Monday Dr Sangeeta Rai/Prof Sulkha Pandey
Tuesday Dr Anjali Rani/ Prof Manjari Matah
Wednesday Dr Uma Pandey/ Prof N.R.Agrawal
Thursday Dr Sangeeta Rai/ Prof L K Pandey
Friday Dr Lavina Chaubey/Prof Anuradha Khanna
Saturday Dr Uma Pandey/Prof Madhu Jain

Note:On 19th March 2011 Dr Anjali Rani will be on Call duty

Sunday is Rotation as such with Astt Professor