Department of Paediatric Surgery

Clinical events & activities

I). Conferences, Workshops organized by the department:

a) 22nd Annual All India Paediatric Surgery Conference on 25th -27th October 1996
b) International Workshop cum Symposium on Minimal Invasive Surgery in Children on 13th - 14th March 1999
c) Update and Workshop on Anorectal Malformations on 9th-10 December 2001.
d) Indo-US & S and TF Symposium of Neonatal & Fetal Surgical Anomalies & Role of Stem Cell Transplantation on 13th -15th February 2006

II). Regular Activities:

a) Tuesday - Clinical Presentation by Residents
b) Thursday - Journal Club by Residents
c) Saturday - Seminar by Residents

17. Outgoing and proposed research activities in progress

  • Immunohistopathological assessment of response to intratumoral chemotherapy of Wilms' tumor and neuroblastoma
  • Role of Tissue Gule in repair of TEF
  • Management of posterior urerthral valve by prof. s.chooramani gopal's valve ablator
  • Histological Changes in the distal pouch in Anorectal Malformations
  • Neonatal Primary PSARP
  • Evaluation of various drugs used for Local anaesthesia and sedation in neonatal surgery
  • Intratumoural chemotherapy in solid Tumors among Children
  • Evaluation of results of urethraplasty by on lay free preputial graft for mid and distal penile hypospedias
  • Histological evaluation of fistula region in Tracheoesophageal fistula
  • Tissue Glue in Hypospadias
  • Estimation of Immunoglobulin levels and their significance in neonates with gastrointestinal surgical conditions.
  • Accuracy between FNAC and imprint cytology in Pediatric Solid Tumour.
  • Nutritional status and outcome of Surgery in Hospitalised Pediatric Surgical patients-clinico-immunological study.
  • Effect of Caudal analgesia by Buprinorphine for postoperative pain relief in pediatric surgical patients.
  • Radiological study of Musculoskeletel deformity of pelvis in exstrophy bladder
  • Clinical Evaluation of Results of surgical procedures in anorectal malformations.
  • Clinico-pathological study of Wilms' Tumour with special reference to AgNORs
  • Functional results of Hypospadias Surgery with special reference to uroflowmetry.
  • Detail histopathological study of PUJ in Congenital PUJ obstruction
  • A clinical study of esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula with special reference to associated anomalies
  • Long term follow up result of posterior urethral valve management
  • Gap length as Prognostic in tracheoesophageal fistula
  • Sonography evaluation in Congenital Hernia in children
  • Evaluation of results of urethraplasty by on lay free preputial graft for mid and distal penile hypospedias
  • Serotenine & 5- HT as prognostic marker for VP shunt blockage
  • Intratumoural chemotherapy in solid Tumors among Children
  • Pre vs Post operative HCG therapy in bilateral non palpable UDT
  • Estimation of HVA and 5 HT and its significance in prognosis of Hydrocephalus
  • Immunological assessment of two modalities ( IV vs ITC) of anterior chemotherapy in advance paediatric solid malignancies
  • Rectal pressure manometry in the diagnosis of Hirschsprung's disease.
  • Serodiagnosis of Clini cally suspected cases of human toxoplasmosis.
  • Clinico-immunological study of Intestinal obstruction in Infant
  • Cervical Lymphadenopathies in Children
  • C.T.evaluation in cases of Hydrocephalus in Children
  • Management of Infantile Hydrocephalus with special reference to cranial ultrasound and computed tomography.
  • Study of Nuclear Organiser Regions in Soft tissue tumour.
  • Clinical and Hormonal Profile in Cryptorehid Children.
  • Autologous blood transfusion in Pediatric Surgery
  • A cytohistological Study of paediatric intra abdominal tumours
  • Autologous vurses Homologous Blood Transfusion in Paediatric Surgery.
  • Role of duration of Catheter drainage in the management of Hypospadias
  • Haematological Aberation following Identical Chemotherapy in Paediatric Solid Tumours
  • Subcutaneous infusion of Tramadol for post operative analgesia in Paediatric age.
  • Clinico-pathological study of intra-abdominal paediatric tumour with special reference to AgNORs
  • Role of Ultrasonography in diagnosis of C.H.P.S. and histopathological carelation.
  • Histological aberations in the distal pouch and fistula region in anorectal malformations
  • Pre-operative vs Post-operative HCG therapy for Bilateral non-palpable undescended testis.
  • Evaluation of Structural & functional aberration of pouch colon in congenital anorectal malformations
  • Long term Evaluation of the results of ARM with special reference to MRI