Department of Paediatric Surgery

Weekly schedules (OT & OPD)

Monday Dr. S. P. Sharma Prof. D.K.Gupta
Tuesday Prof. A. N. Gangopadhyay Dr. S.P.Sharma
Wednesday Prof. D. K. Gupta Prof. A.N.Gangopadhyay
Thursday Dr. Vijayendra Kumar Dr. S.P.Sharma
Friday Prof. A. N. Gangopadhyay (1st, 3rd & 5th) and
Dr. S. P. Sharma (2nd & 4th)
Dr. Vijayendra Kumar
Saturday Emergency Only Prof. A.N.Gangopadhyay
Sunday 1st - Prof. A. N. Gangopadhyay
2nd - Prof. D. K. Gupta
3rd - Dr. S. P. Sharma
4th - Dr. Vijayendra Kumar
5th - Dr. Vijayendra Kumar