Department of Plastic Surgery

Clinical Events and activities

The department has regular teaching program for MCh students

TuesdayInstitute Clinical Meeting
WednesdayCase presentation
ThursdayJournal club
Friday Operative chat/ Flap planning
 Saturday Microsurgery dissection

Ongoing and proposed research activities

The department has actively been involved in research for the past thirty years mainly in the field of reconstruction of defects over the upper and lower extremities. Extensive clinical research has been done in the department and is still continuing with newer parameters giving it a new dimension.
More than 75 parameters have been studied and analysed which has involved interdepartmental, interfaculty and interuniversity collaboration. Various techniques have been standardised in experimental model and applied clinically with immense success. In this process several new ideas and techniques have been achieved and rationality proven.
As a significant contribution of research they have been regularly published in reputed indexed national and international journals. More than 200 presentations have been made in national and international forum. Several honours have been bestowed for this extensive and ongoing research. The department is well known all over the country and abroad for such consistent research work on various flaps used for reconstruction. To the best of our knowledge, such elaborate work on application of flaps in reconstructive surgery has not been carried out in any department of our country.Currently we are working on CT angiography to map out the perforators before flap surgery and correlate them with the findings of hand held Doppler and intraoperative findings. CT angiography is also been used to study the fate of perforators after flap harvesting and just before division. Tissue expansion for the lower limb defects with the aim of avoiding skin graft over the secondary defect and to close it primarily is another research area that we are pursuing. Application of VAC (Vacuum Assisted Closure) for wounds, specially bed sores, is also an area where research is going on.