Department of Radiotherapy and Radiation Medicine


(1)   Prof. A.K.Asthana   MD Radiation Oncology and chemotherapy
(2)   Prof.S.Pradhan   MD  Radiation Oncology and chemotherapy
(3) Dr.U.P.Shahi MD Radiation Oncology and chemotherapy
(4) Dr.Lalit mohan Aggarwal  PhD Medical Physics
(5) Dr. Abhijit Mandal  PhD Medical Physics
Senior Resident 
1. Dr. Rambha Pandey  MD Radiation Oncology and Chemotherapy


Junior Residents  
1.  Dr. Ashwin Chinnaih  III rd  Year
2.   Dr. Rashmi Singh   III rd   year
3.  Dr. Rajiv Ratan Jain II nd   year
4.  Dr. Chiranjan IInd  year
5.   Dr. Govardhan HB IInd   year
6.   Dr. Dev Kumar Choodhary IInd  year
7.   Dr. Shaleen  Agrawal   I st  year
8.  Dr. Prakash Swain  I st  year