Department of Radiotherapy and Radiation Medicine

FAQ related to diseases and investigation

1. What is cancer?

Cancer is a disease of conversion of normal cells to abnormal cells which have ability to invade and metastasize.

2. What is prognosis of disease?

Prognosis of disease depends upon stage  , type and  several other factors including the treatment received  and the centre of treatment. Early disease have a better prognosis than advanced disease. Early cases are generally curable.moderate disease may also be cured in majority,wheras advance and metastatic disease  can be provided comfort in significantly large number.

3. What is cost of treatment?

Ans.  For teletherapy and brachytherapy cost is Rs.3000. For chemotherapy drugs are to be purchased by patient himself. There are no fees for administration of chemotherapy.

4. What is duration of treatment?

Ans. Teletherapy is delivered in few minutes to half an hour or so depending on the dose prescribed.Total period  varies from few days to  several weeks (usually 6-8 weeks). Generally it is given 5 days/week. Chemotherapy may be given on OPD basis or after admitting to the ward. Admission is done for a period of 2-4 days as per the schedule of the regimen followed. 

5. What are financial Aids provided by department?

Ans. No financial aids are provided by department. However  through the department  Indian Railway provides concession tickets to patient and their attendants. This is done through Medical social worker .The department  provides  a cost estimate for the treatment  which may be used by the patient to get governmental funding.