Students Health Care Complex


Highlights of the Unit :

a)      Student Health Welfare scheme:

i)                    Resource generation - each student contributes per year

ii)                   Comprehensive clinical cover - OPD, Emergency and Investigations

iii)                 Immunization/vaccination - Hep. B. Vaccination, Typhoid, Anti-rabbis, T.T. etc.

b)      Greater Consumer Satisfaction:

i)                    Annual OPD attendance increasing averaging 500+ per day

ii)                   Meets 80 to 90% requirement of OPD cases

iii)                 Most of the Medicines available

iv)                 Local purchase for essential and life saving medicines

c)       Optimization of Human Resources:

i)                    Computerization of the whole unit

ii)                   Installation of CCTV

iii)                 Services available for 12 hours a day (8AM to *PM)

iv)                 Function on all Holidays on pattern of SS Hospital, BHU

d)      Efficient inventory/material management:

i)                    Computerization and Automation

ii)                   Meticulous health track record keeping

iii)                 Regular availability of medicines through proper planning and time indents