University provides health facilities to the employees, their dependents & pensioners for this it has

  1. Daily OPD consultation available at Health Centre I Jodhpur Colony & HC-II Hyderabad Colony from 8.30AM to 2.30P.M.
  2. Free drug dispensing from 3 counters for men and women during OPD hours free delivery of Insulin's& other medical devices etc.
  3. Reimbursement of the expenditure born (if any) for medical care.
  4. Pathological investigations conducted during OPD hours on daily basis.
  5. Gynecological services like family planning measures IUCD placements, free DMPA injections, ANC, postnatal checkups, etc.
  6. Orthopedic disorders related treatment, exercises & rehabilitation.
  7. Cardiological, Neurological, Respiratory, Gastroenterological, Endocrinological consultations and follow up.
  8. Dressing and minor surgical procedures.
  9. Referral to S. S. H