Department of Urology

Year of establishment: 1998

Teaching Programme:

Monday - Seminar
Tuesday - Institute Clinical Meeting
Wednesday - Infertility Clinic
Thursday - Pyelogram Clinic
Friday - Surgery Clinical Meeting
Saturday - Journal Club

Publications :

Important Publications of Department in last 5 years are as follows -

1. N. Vyas, PR Nandi, Mufti Mahmood, Vipul Tandon, US Dwivedi & P.B.Singh: Bladder Mucosal autograft for repair of vesico-vaginal fistula: British J. Obs. & Gyn 112:112-114, 2005.

2. Rao MP, Kumar, Dutta B, Vyas N, Nandi PR, Mahmood M, Dwivedi US, Singh DK & Singh PB: Safety and efficacy of ureteroscopic lithotripsy for ureteric calculi under sedoanalgesia-a prospective study. Journal of international Urology & Nephrology. 37:219-224, 2005.

3. Rao MP, Dutta B, Vyas N, Nandi PR, Trivedi Sameer, Dwivedi US & Singh PB: Vesico-uterine fistulae (Youssef syndrome) Our experience and review of literature Accepted ANZ Journal of Surgery.

4. Neeraj K Goel, US Dwivedi, N. Vyas, MP Rao, S Trivedi & PB Singh: Decade experience with vesico-vaginal fistula in India International Uro-Gynecology Journal.

5. Goyal Neeraj Kumar, Rao P, Vyas N, Dutta B, Trivedi S, Dwivedi US, Singh PB: Para-Aortic Lymphadenopathy in renal cell carcinoma may be tubercular in endemic zone: A case report Current Medical Trend: 9/3/July 1781-1782, 2005.

6. Mufti Mahmood, Vipul Tandon, US Dwivedi, PB Singh: Foreign body in Bladder: A Diagnostic Dilemma. .JK Practitioner 2005;12(4):203-204.

7. Biswajit Dutta, MP Rao, RL Acharya, N. Goel, Vaibhav Saxena, S. Trivedi, US Dwivedi & PB Singh: Dorsal Onlay Buccal Mucosal Graft Urethroplasty in long urethral stricture International Braz. J. Urology 33:181-7, 2007.

8. PB Singh : Liver donor renal transplantation with vascular anamalies : a salvageable surgical challenge accpeted Saudi Journal of kidney disease and transplantation.

9. Kumar A, Goyal NK and Das SK, Trivedi S, Dwivedi US and Singh PB Oral complications after lingual mucosal graft harvest for urethroplasty. ANZ J Surg 2007; 77:970-973.

10. Trivedi S, Kumar A, Goyal NK, Dwivedi US and Singh PB : Urethral reconstruction in balanitis xerotica obliterans, Urol Int 2007 ( in press).

11. Abhay Kumar, Neeraj Kumar Goyal, S. Trivedi, US Dwivedi, PB Singh: Y-Duplication of the Urethra: A Rare case Report. The Internet Journal of Surgery. 2007. Volume 11, Number 2.

12. Abhay Kumar, Neeraj K. Goyal, Suren K. Das, Sameer Trivedi, Udai S. Dwivedi, Pratap. B. Singh: Primary Malignant Fibrous HIsiocytoma of the Kidney: Case Report and Review of Literature. The Internet Journal of Surgery. 2007. Volume 12 Number 2.

13. A. Kumar, N.K.Goyal, S Trividi, US Dwivedi & PB Singh: Primary Cavernous hemangioma of glans penis: Rare case report with review of literature. Aesth Plastic Surg. 32(2): 386-388, 2008.

14. Management of superficial bladder carcinoma in era of orthotopic neo-bladder: Time to re think accept for publication Saudi J. Urol.

15. Goyal NK, Kumar A, Das SK, Pandey AK, Sharma GK, Trivedi S, Dwivedi US & Singh PB: experience with plaque excision and dermal grafting in surgical treatment of Peyronie's disease Singapore Medical Journal 49(10):805-808, 2008.

16. Abhay Kumar, Sure K Das, Sameer Trivedi, Udai S Dwivedi & Pratap B Singh: Genitor-Urinay Polyp: Summary of 10 years experience of single institute. Int. Urol. Nephrol 40:901-907, 2008.

17. M.P.Rao, Abhay Kumar, Neeraj K. Goyal, Sameer Trivedi, Udai S. Dwivedi, Pratap B Singh: Prevention of bone mineral loss by zoledronic acid in men with prostate carcinoma receiving androgen deprivation therapy: A prospective randomized trial in an Indian population. Current Urology 2:79-86, 2008.

18. Abhay Kumar, Suren K. Das, Sameer Trivedi, Udai Shankar Dwivedi and Pratap Bahadur Singh: Neo-Bladder vaginal fistula : An unusual complication after Orthotopic urinary diversion Saudi Journal of Kidney disease and transplantation 20(4), 658-661, 2009.

19. P.B.Singh, Harbans Bansal, Girish K Sharma, A Pandey Sameer Swain, Sameer Trivedi, US Dwivedi : Retrograde radical cystectomy and ileal neo-urethra add to achieve immediate continence in patients undergoing orthotopic neo-bladder. Current Urology 3:197-200, 2009.

20. A. K. Pandey, Girish K. Sharma, Hanbans Bansal, Sameer Swain, Sameer Trivedi, U. S. Dwivedi & P. B. Singh : Our modified technique of total posterior reconstruction in open retro pubic radical prostatectomy, Current Urology 3:141-145, 2009.