Department of Urology

Year of establishment: 1998

Department of Urology is one of the departments of Institute providing High Tech Tertiary care in Urology. Department has excellence in Uro-oncology reconstructive Urology, female Urology.

Department offers high tech urological services as follows -

a. Renal Transplantation : Regular live related donor programme will over 70 successful renal transplant.
b. Uro-oncology: Pioneer in management of bladder cancer particularly reconstruction of urinary bladder (orthotopic ileal-neo-bladder).
c. Reconstructive Urology: Pioneer in country for its reconstructive work particularly in cases of stricture urethra.
d. Endo Urology: Department has all facilities for stone management will experience treating more than 1000 stones for ESWL, PCNL, Ureteroscopy, Flexible Ureteroxopy etc.