Department of Physiology


Faculty Awards (Recent years):

  • Koch Oration, Physiology Society, Sri Lanka 2013 (Recipeint- Dr. S.B.Deshpande)

  • R. C. Shukla Oration, KGMU, 2014. (Recipeint- Dr. S.B.Deshpande)

  • A. K. Nagchaudhury Oration, TSICON. 2013. (Recipient- Dr.S.B.Deshpande)

  • Puthuraya award, Best teacher - Physiology, APPI, 2010. (Recipient- Dr.M.B.Mandal)

  • Bhatia Oration, APPI 2008. (Recipient-Dr. S.B.Deshpande)

Awards to UG/PG Students  (Recent years):

  • M.L.Malhotra Award of APPI-2015-  Aparna Akella

  • Naman Agarwal (MBBS std.) selected for meeting Nobel Laureate at LINDAU, Germany 2012 

  • R Srinivasan Prize,  APPI 2012  - Aparna Akella

  • R Srinivasan Prize,  APPI 2011 - Dr. Jayanti Pant

  • R C Shukla Oration, APPI 2011 - Dr. Jayanti Pant

  • B K Anand award,  APPI 2009  - Dr. S. Kanoo

  • M LMelhotra  award,  APPI 2009 Dr. Rajesh Gupta

 Research facilities developed:

  • Non-invasive techniques for evaluation of  neurological functions in human beings 

  • In vitro and in vivo techniques for assessing the spinal synaptic transmission-Experimentally Techniques for evaluation of visceral reflexes

  • Facilities for recording intra-cellular and extra-cellular potentials

  •  Autonomic function testing facilities in patients


Faculty Participation in Academic Activities:

         Services rendered to organizations like NAAC, MCI, UGC, ICMR and various Universities in India and abroad

         Members of the Project reviewing committee of DST, ICMR, DBT, French National Science, Israel Science foundation

         Members of Editorial board in various national/international journals


Extracurricular activities:

  • Actively participates in the Annual Health Exhibition organized by Institute for health awareness & general check-up of common people.  Awarded consecutively first prize in this Exhibition.


Future Plans:

  • To establish ICT-based teaching learning modules

  • To develop Advanced centre of Neurophysiology