Major Activities

Rachana Sharir is a specialized branch having multidimensional teaching and research activities which includes BAMS Teaching activity, MD(Ay)Rachana Sharir Course Activity, Ph.D Course activity and  also provide services like -GSR measuring, Marma Therapy, Meditation Practices for  research purposes.

Achievements during last five years.-

˛  On 23rd & 24th March, 2011 Department has organised a National Seminar on ‘Marma’ Topic and published a Proceeding-1 Souvenir.

˛  On 27th & 28th September, 2015, Department has organised an International Conference on ‘Tantra Sharir, Kundalini Yoga & Psychosomatic Disorders’ and published a Proceeding with ISBN No.- 978-81-7637-361-6 containing more than 200 full papers.

˛  On 29th April 2017, Department has organized a National Seminar on Topic ‘Recent Advances and Future Prospects of Srotas Sharir’ and published a e-Proceeding with ISBN No.- .978-81-7637-392-0

˛  Department established a Museum on the basis of concept of Marma, Sira, Dhamni, Srotas Sharir etc.

˛  Department has started the teaching & research on fundamentals of Ayurvedic Anatomy i.e. Garbha Sharir, Marma Sharir, Indriya Sharir, Tantra Sharir, Sira-Dhamni-Srotas Sharir , Shavachhedan (Cadeveric dissection) in the Rachana Sharir, Faculty of Ayurveda, with the help of using latest modern techniques of I T, Multimedia & e-content, to achieve the prime aim & object which was laid down by the great anatomist and surgeon Sushruta.

˛  Department had examined, advised and aware more than 1000 persons in different annual health mela of Institute and Arogya mela on GSR for stress management through meditation and Marma Chikitsa.