Department of Siddhant Darshan

Former Maulika Siddhant

Office Phone: 0541-2307542

Name: Dr Brij Kumar Dwibedy
Designation: Professor
Qualification: B.A.M.S . , M.D. (Ay)
Area of Specialization: Ayurveda Siddhant, Mano-chikitsa specially related to Bhut-vida
Publications :305, Books(4)
Phone: 09450212551

Date of first appointment : 23.1.2004

Name: Dr Uma Gupta
Designation: Professor
Qualification: M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. (Psychology)
Area of Specialization: Stress management and Psycho behavioral counseling 
Publications : Books : International-2 (CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Florida, U.S.A.), National - 1 
Fellowships/Membership: Lifetime Member : 1-Indian Association of Gerontology, 2-Indian Academy of Applied Psychology. 
Phone: 9956009665
Date of first appointment : 08.07.2015 
Name: Dr Rani Singh (Bio-data)
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: BAMS, MD(Ay.), Ph.D(Ay.), Diploma Yoga
Area of Specialization: Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda
Publications : see biodata
Fellowships/Membership: see biodata 
Phone: 9452301525
Date of first appointment : 26.12.2003

Name: Dr Dinesh Kumar Meena
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: BAMS, MD(Ay.) 
Area of Specialization:  Ayurveda Siddhant
Publications : 10
Fellowships/Membership: VAP, AIAS (PG Asso), BSA, SVS (U.P.) 
Phone: 8052509206 
Date of first appointment : - 26.04.2016