Preventive & Social Medicine and Yoga

Daily Regimen
Early Awakening before Sunrise-One desirous of long and healthy life should get up early in the morning before sunrise.

Teeth Brushing (Danta Dhavana)-
One should brush teeth in the morning and at night after the intake of food with twigs of Arka (Calotropis procera), Vata (Ficus benghalensis), Khadira (Accasia catechu), Karanja (Pongamia pinnata) and Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna), in the vertical direction from bottom to top.
It brings about freshness, takes away bad odor, coating of teeth, and desire for food. It alleviates Kapha and helps to maintain oral hygiene.

Tongue Scraping (Jihva Nirlekhana)-
It removes bad taste, odor of mouth, cures edema, stiffness of the tongue and gives taste.

Gargling (Gandusha)-
Gargling everyday with sesame oil enhances strength of the mandible, resonance of voice, taste sensation, and improves taste. It prevents cracking of lips, decay of teeth and makes the teeth strong.

Collyrium (Anjana)-
Collyrium is medicated preparation applied from inner canthus to outer canthus of eyes with the help of applicator known as Shalaka. It produces clear vision and lightness, relieves excessive lacrymation, and alleviates eye diseases.

Nasal Instillation (Pratimarsha Nasya)-
Instillation of two drops of sesame oil in each nostril daily, brings about lightness of head, proper sleep, cures diseases above the clavicle, brings about clarity of senses, and pleasure of mind. It prevents graying of hair, baldness and promotes the growth of hair.

Exercise (Vyayama)-
The physical action performed in required amount which enhances the strength of the body is known as exercise. It brings about lightness of body, ability to work, stability, endurance power, digestive power, and alleviates doshas.

Body Massage (Abhyanga)-
Massaging of body with oil every day delays ageing, cures tiredness and vata disorders, improves vision, complexion, nourishment, vitality, sleep, healthy lustrous skin and strength.

Head Massage-
Daily practice of head massage with sesame oil prevents balding, graying, hair fall, gives strength to the skull, and makes the hair black and long.

Oiling of Ear (Karanapurana)-
Instillation of sesame oil into ear for prevention of Vataja disorders of the ear, torticollis (Manyasthambha), lock jaw (Hanusthambha), deafness, and hard of hearing.

Bathing (Snana)-
After body massage, bath relieves the bad odor, heaviness of the body, drowsiness, itching, tiredness, impurities, distaste, sweat, and unpleasantness due to sweats. It enhances virility, longevity, strength, compactness, and Ojas (immunity).

Healthy Rejuvenating Diet-
Intake of healthy rejuvenating diet at proper time and in right quantity produces various beneficial effects. No medicine is equivalent to the food, even the disease can be treated with only proper diet. Food enhances vitality, strength, makes the body sturdy, enhances enthusiasm, memory, digestive power, life span, luster and Ojas (immunity)
Ideally one should take Shali (rice), Yava (barley), Godhuma (wheat), Ghrita (ghee) to enhance strength, Mudga (green gram), milk, meat of terrestrial animals for body building, Amalaki (Indian goose berries), Draksha (grapes), Kharjura (dates) etc for protection, and regulation of body and to enhance the immunity, Saindhava (Rock salt) to enhance the taste in the right proportions.

Sandhya Vandana-
Practice of Pranayama and worship of Sun god or any other deity according to their wish and following rituals like chanting of Gayatri mantra in the evening is Sandhya Vandana. It enhances longevity and wisdom. Light diet before 8pm- After taking light and conducive food in the evening, person should go to sleep with pleasant mind.

Sleep during night produces pleasantness, and nourishment, reduces emaciation, brings about strength, and enhances virility, memory power, and vitality.