Department of Vikriti Vigyan


* BAMS course (Undergraduate level in 2nd Professional)
* Ayurveda Vachaspati {MD (Ayurveda)} course in Rog Nidan avum Vikriti Vigyan
* Ph.D. in Rog Nidan avum Vikriti Vigyan
* Extension lectures
* Implementation of the Environmental studies in the undergraduate courses of Ayurveda
* Periodical Academic and Clinical Seminars by the Residents of the Department
* Guest Lectures by the eminent faculties

Standardization of Ancient Diagnostic tool:
* Standardization of Taila Bindu Pariksha in collaboration with Dept. of Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, IMS, BHU
* Standardization of Nadi Pariksha in collaboration with Dept of Bio-medical engineering, Institute of Technology, BHU
* Diagnostic and Prognostic evaluation of Diabetes Mellitus through Taila Bindu Pariksha.
* Standardization of Mala Pariksha
Etiopathological studies of disease conditions
* Kamala (Various types of Hepatitis)
* Prameha (Diabetes mellitus and other Urinary pathological conditions)
* Tamaka Shvasha (Bronchial Asthama- etiopathological and Prognostic evaluation)
* Pandu (Study on Hematological profile)
Development of Ayurvedic prognostic scale of disease conditions
* Chronic Renal Failure and Carcinoma on the basis of Arista Lakshan & Taila Bindu Pariksha

Conference/Seminars/Workshops/Extension lectures conducted

Extension Lectures

  • Dr S K Khandel - "Concept of Avarana and its applied utility in the Diagnosis and treatment" on 03.03.2008
  • Prof. M.Srinivasalu - "Concept of Ama and its Diagnosis by clinical and Laboratory methods" on 04.03.2008

Re-orientation Training Programme

  • (RoTP) for Teachers in Roga Nidan (31st August-5th Sept, 2009)
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  • RoTP in Geriatrics (15th - 20th Feb, 2010)


  • Workshop of Technical Terminology in Roga Nidan (1st -3rd feb, 2010)