Department of Vikriti Vigyan

The aim and objective of the department is broadly divided into two categories.
1. Academic activities 2. Research activities
1. Academic activities
* To Impart theoretical teaching in the subject Rog Nidan and Vikriti Vigyan to undergraduate and postgraduate scholars
* To impart practical clinical and laboratory training to the undergraduate and postgraduate scholars
* To conduct periodical extension lectures by the personalities of highest academic excellence.
* To conduct periodical Reorientation training programme (ROTP) and Continuing Medical education (CME) in Rog Nidan and Vikriti Vigyan for the teachers and medical officers as and when entrusted by the University/Govt. of India
2. Research activities
* Standardization and scientific evaluation of ancient clinical and laboratory diagnostic technology
* Development of diagnostic devices to evaluate the ancient diagnostic tools.
* Correlation and interpretation of laboratory investigations with the clinical diagnostic principles of Ayurveda
* Scientific evaluation of clinical diagnostic tools of Ayurveda
* Aetiopathological and Clinico-pathological studies of disease conditions
* Development of Samprapti-Ghatakas (Components of Pathogenensis) of the new diseases not described in Ayurvedic texts but presently affecting the human beings