Blood Bank

Ten Lousy reasons not to give blood:

1. I am afraid to give blood.
For every thing there is first time. Try it once and you will wonder you ever hesitated.
2. Other people must be giving enough blood.
You can gamble on your life on that assumption but please do not gamble on others people's life.
3. My blood is not Right type
All type of blood is right type. Both rare and common group blood is needed all time.
4. They would not want my blood because of illness I have had.
If you have doubts the staf on duty will review your medical history with you.
5. I do not have enough blood to spare.
If you are healthy you have enough blood. You can regularly donate every 3 months without any problems..
6. My blood is not rich enough.
A sample of your blood is checked before you donate .If you are found unfit,at least you know the couse and can correct it.
7. I am afraid being turn down.
If you are medically unfit that's OK. At least you you have tried. You can try again at later date. The need for blood never runs out.
8. You will take too much and I will feel weak.
The amount taken is less than a pint , replaced within few hours in your body. You can continue your usual activities after donation.
9. My Insurance covers Blood I may need.
The whole point of donating blood is to have it on hand when it is needed. All the insurances in the world will be useless if no blood is available.
10. I am too busy.
Possible the lousiest excuse ever invented. We can make the time if really want to.