Department of Dravyaguna


In view of the growing awareness on medicinal plants of Ayurvedic classics, following priority/ thrust areas have been identified:

  • Comprehensive study of the unpublished manuscripts lying in the various libraries in our country and neighboring nations.
  • Publication of the critical edition of all such manuscripts after obtaining their copies from visiting the Libraries.
  • Identification of all such medicinal plants which have still controversy on their identity with the help of manuscripts.
  • Conservation of all such medicinal herbs for expansion and transmission of knowledge to next generation.
  • Ascertainment of properties and action of all such unexplored drug substance not recorded in Ayurvedic classics.
  • Use of Ancient wisdom and modern technology to categories Rasas present in a plant drugs through chemo- sensory research technology
  • Development of quality standard drugs of plant origin for safe use and best efficacy with the help of advanced technology without using any kind of solvent i.e. Carbon extractor.
  • A reference museum of international standard consisting of useful part of the plants with all details.
  • Renovation of the existing Medicinal Plants Garden for conservation of Live Plants of Ayurvedic Classics for practical training and research.
  • Experimental and Clinical evaluation of Ayurvedic Drugs as per the principles of Dravyaguna Vijnana