FAQ related to the diseases/investigations:

What is vitiligo and is it communicable? What are dietary precautionc regarding the disease?
Vitiligo is a auto-immune disease manifestated by the depigmented lesions over the body due to the destruction of the melanocytes. It is not communicable. There are no dietary restrictions in vitiligo. If the disease is actively spreading, it can increase with trauma.

Does acne increase with oily food?
No, oily food has no effect on the lesions of acne. Acne is caused by the over production of sebum and a bacteria P.acnes.

Is there any permanent cure for the psoriasis?Is it communicable?
Psoriasis is a chronic diseases characterized by the remissions and flares. It usually increase in winters and exacerbates in summers. There are many treatment options available to keep the disease in remission but there is no permanent cure. Psoriasis is not communicable.