Consultants/ Designations/Qualifications/Phone no/Email address:

OPD Schedule:

Days General OPD Specialty Clinic
Monday Dr. Sanjay Singh Dr. Manish Bansal
Tuesday Prof. S.S. Pandey Dr Sanjay Singh
Wednesday Prof. Lata Shrama Dr. S. K. Singh
Thursday Dr. S. K. Singh Dr. Sanjay Singh
Friday Dr. Manish Bansal Prof. S.S. Pandey
Saturday Dr. Sanjay Singh/Dr. Manish Bansal/ Dr. S. K. Singh Prof Lata Sharma

Posting in Wound Clinic (old clinical Block):

Monday : Dr. S. K. Singh
Wednesday : Dr. Manish Bansal
Thursday :

Prof. S. S. Panday

Special clinics:

Wound clinic Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
STD Clinic Everyday

Ward Posting:

(A) Consultant:

Monday Prof. S.S. Pandey
Tuesday Prof. Lata Sharma
Wednesday Dr. S.K. Singh
Thursday Dr. Manish Bansal
Friday Dr. Sanjay singh
Saturday Dr Manish Bansal / Dr. S.K. Singh
( Ist, IIIrd & Vth ) ( IInd & IVth )
Sunday: Ist- Dr. Manish Bansal
  IInd-Dr. S.K. Singh
III - Dr. Snajay Singh
IV - Prof.. Lata Sharma
V - Prof. S.S. Pandey

OPD Schedule