Department of Pediatrics

Year of establishment: 1965

The present Children Hospital was inaugurated by late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1965. This small hospital has now become a nodal and prestigious center for providing Child Health Services in this region. It is one of the leaders in the country in research and teaching in Pediatric. The present sanctioned Teaching staff is 14. The research activities of the Department are Nutrition and its impact on various aspects of child health, Pediatric infections, and Studies on low birth weight babies/perinatal asphyxia/sepsis/trace elements. Significant contributions are Growth standards of Indian children from birth to adolescence, Maternal under nutrition/anemia and fetoplacental axis, Community child health services, Care of Thalassemics and Hemophiliacs and Training of District Medical Officers in essential newborn care in U.P. State. The departmental laboratory carries out Routine examinations of blood, stool, urine and CSF and specialised tests for anemia. The research activities of the Department are reflected by Publications in last five years, Articles (51), Books (4) and Monographs (2). The Department has organized National Conference (I), State Conferences (2) and Symposium/CMEs (7).Future development plans are to establish Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and casualty services, setting-up of an Advanced Neonatal Care Centre (Level III Unit), DM (Neonatology) Course and development of subspecialities.