Department of Pathology

Year of establishment: 1969

The Department of Pathology of the Institute of Medical Sciences came into existence in 1961 when the first batch of MBBS students entered under the Headship of Dr. C.R. Banerjee. Prof. I.M. Gupta (1st Professor and Head) joined the Department of Pathology and Bacteriology in March 1963. Later on Dr. B. Dube joined the Department on 1963. This was followed by Dr. Y.N. Gupta (1964), Dr. Saroj Gupta (1964), Dr. P.K. Shukla (Feb, 1968), Dr. B.L. Rastogi (July, 1968), Dr. M.L. Mehrotra (1968), Dr. R.K. Dube (1968), Dr. S. Khanna (1969), Dr. Usha (1978) , Dr. N.C. Aryya (1978), Dr. Mohan Kumar (1983), Dr. Jyoti Shukla (1985), Dr. Amrita G. Kar (2002), Dr. Vijai Tilak (2002) and Dr. R.S. Garbyal (2002).
In 1968 Department of Microbiology separated from Pathology and Department of Pathology developed the sections of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Immunopathology, Histopathology, Cytology and Clinical Pathology. These units later on got recognition. In the same year 1968 the Department which was initially situated in the Ayurvedic building shifted to new building of IMS which was inaugurated by Dr. V.R. Ramalingam Swami, Director General, ICMR. In the same year 1st batch of M.D. Passed.
In 1969 British Medical Council and Medical Council of India visited the Department. 1st MBBS and MD (Pathology) degree were recognized by MCI in 1969. Because of its contribution, some of the divisions have been upgraded to specialized centers e.g. Clinical Investigation (CCI) in 1979 and Immunopathology unit has been upgraded to UGC Advanced Immundiagnostic Training and Research Centre on 29th January 1986. Now all the divisions are providing specialized diagnostic services, training, teaching to undergraduates, postgraduates, post doctoral, Ph.D. students and PGDMLT of IMS and outside the IMS in collaboration with various clinical departments.