Department of Shalkya Tantra

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Dr. Bijoyananda Mukhopadhyay

Name: Dr. Bijoyananda Mukhopadhyay
Designation: Professor in Shalkya Tantra
Qualification: BAMS, MD (Ay) Shalakya, Ph.D, Shalkya, Dip in Optometry, Dip in Yoga, Dip in Naturopathy
Area of Specialization: Shalakya Tantra (Eye, ENT, Oral, Dentistry & Head Desiases Specialist  in Ayurveda)
Publications : 32
Membership/Fellowships : NIMS, TAS
Phone :
Email :
Date of first appointment: 11.07.2007

Dr Manoj Kumar

Name: Dr Manoj Kumar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: BAMS, MS (Shalakya), Ph.D.
Area of Specialization: Shalakya Tantra (Ophthalmology in Ayurveda)
Publications : 
Phone: 9793127744
Date of first appointment : 17.8.2002