Department of Shalya Tantra

Office Phone: 0542-2307548

Dr M.Sahu

Name: Dr M.Sahu
Designation: Professor
Qualification: MD(Ay), Ph.D
Area of Specialization: Shalya Tantra
Publications : 30
Phone: 2368636, 09415226369
Date of first appointment : 11.5.1993

Dr Lakhsman Singh Name: Dr Lakhsman Singh
Designation: Professor
Qualification: BAMS, MS(Ay), MRAV(S.S.), Ph.D, Dip in Yoga
Area of Specialization: Shalya Tantra, Poorvakarma , Kshar KARMA & MAS
Publications : 40
Phone: 05422307548, 05422239628, 09415687065
Date of first appointment: 7.4.1998
Dr. Shiv Ji Gupta Name: Dr. Shiv Ji Gupta
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification: B.Sc, BAMS, MS (Ay), Ph.D , Dip in Yoga
Area of Specialization : Shalya-Tantra
Publications : 10
Fellowships/Membership: Sushruta Association
Date of first appointment: 29.07.2002
Dr. S.S.Mishra Name : Dr. S.S.Mishra
Designation Lecturer of Shalya Tantra
Qualification: B.Sc, BAMS.MD(Ay), Ph.D
Area of Specialization : Shalya- Shalkya (Vikiran)
Publications: 10
Fellowships/Membership: Sushruta Association
Phone: 09415619494
Date of first appointment: 01.12.05
Name : Dr. A. K. Dwivedi
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification: MD(Ay), Ph.D
Area of Specialization : Shalya- Mutraroga and Fistula
Publications: 20
Fellowships/Membership: 6
Phone: 945150860
Date of first appointment: 10.07.2015