(Former Basic Principles)


The Department of Basic Principles was Established in 1963 with the creation of Postgraduate Institute of Indian Medicine for Postgraduate Training and Research. In 1983 the department has been divided in to four sections for development of teaching, training & research as section of Ayurveda Siddhant, Rachana Sharir, Kriya Sharir and Swasthvritta & Yoga under the department of Basic Principles. In 1999, the undergraduate teaching & training was restarted which was suspended in past. Till November, 2006, the teaching, training and research at graduate, postgraduate and at doctorate level was carried out sectionwise under the department of Basic Principles. In Nov. 2006 this department has been divided into four departments and this department has been renamed as Department of Siddhantha Darshan in place of Basic Principles.