(Former Basic Principles)


This department has following academic programmes-
(a) Teaching of all fundamental principles of Ayurveda related subjects and all Philosophical concepts described in Ayurveda on U.G., PG & Doctrate level.
(b) Teaching and research in Historical background of Ayurveda.
(c) Conceptual study of spiritual health and healing.
(d) The conceptual and clinical study on panchamahabhuta, tridosha, triguna, sara, prakriti, bhutvidya (Para Humanology), Applied aspect of Ayurvediya Manovigyan etc. have been carried out in the department.
(e) The department Bio-physics is collaborating this department for the study of Ayurvedic principles on scientific basis.
(f) Current work is going on to clarify the concept and application of Ayurvedic psycho-therapy.
(g) Near about 40 books and 300 articles/papers have been published by teachers of department in which 2 books have been awarded with Ramnarayan Sharma Award of one lakh.
(h) Bhut-vidya and Vyadhikshamatva vigyan have been published first by this department to extend the knowledge of Ayurveda in the field of divine therapy and immunology in modern era.
(i) Work on Hindi commentary on Ayurveda Dipika, commentary on Charak Samhita by Chakrapani Dutta, eleventh century is going on presently in the department..

Maharshi Gautam
Maharshi Kanad
Maharshi Kapil