Department of General Surgery

Clinical Activity:

The department is affiliated to the University hospital (1000 bedded) for clinical services and training of the junior and senior residents. Surgeries of the head & neck, hepato-biliary and pancreatic surgery, and vascular, colorectal, breast, hernia and endocrine surgeries are routinely performed. Laparoscopic Surgery, both basic and advanced, is routinely done and the department has set up a training center for basic laparoscopic surgery with the facility of an Endotrainer laboratory for hands on expertise in basic laparoscopic skills. The department proudly announces the facilities of sophisticated instruments like:

  1. Harmonic scalpel with open and laparoscopic probes
  2. Image intensifier (C-arm)
  3. Video esophagogastroduodenoscope, colonoscope, sigmoidoscope, choledochoscope
  4. Anal manometer
  5. Infra red coagulator for hemorrhoidectomy, low rectal and anal procedures.
  6. Portable ultrasound machine in the surgical wards and in the operation room greatly benefits various hepato-biliary, breast, colorectal and thyroid surgeries.
  7. New addition of Radiofrequency ablator holds promise in future treatment of hepatic metastatic disease, varicose veins and intra-abdominal tumors.

A fully equipped trauma center under the Institute of Medical Sciences is the future vision of the University. The integrated trauma team approach involves the department of Surgery in the forefront.
Each unit in the Surgery wards of the University hospital is provided with a single bedded Intensive Care Room which is well equipped with a crash cart, central oxygen supply, suction machine, continuous mode pulse oxymetry with blood pressure measurement, infusion pumps, nebulizer, and glucometer.

For clinical services at the University Hospital the department has five units. The composition of the units is as follows:

Unit A: Prof. Vijay Kumar Shukla
Unit B: Prof. Ajay Kumar Khanna & Dr. Puneet
Unit C: Prof. Anand Kumar & Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Ansari
Unit D: Dr. Rahul Khanna & Dr. Somprakas Basu
Unit E: Prof.. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta & Dr. Seema Khanna