"India is not a country of the Hindus only. It is a country of the Muslims, the Christians and the Parsees too. The country can gain strength and develop itself only when the people of the different communities in India live in mutual goodwill and harmony . It is my earnest hope and prayer that this centre of life and light which is coming into existence, will produce students who will not only be intellectually equal to the best of their fellow students in other parts of the world, but will also live a noble life, love their country and be loyal to the Supreme ruler."
     -- Mahamana Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya
Academic Events
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Events in  February 2018
01-02-2018 to 07-02-2018 International Workshop on "Ram: Sahitya, Kala evam Prampara"  Dr. Abha Mishra Pathak, Convener and Organizing Secretary,  History of Art Section, Mahila Mahavidyalaya, BHU
05-02-2018 to 07-02-2018 National Seminar on "Ekatma Manavad evam Sanskritik Rashtravad" Prof. K.K.Mishra, Organizing Secretary, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, BHU [Details...]
05-02-2018 to 16-02-2018 Training programme on "Tools for scientific documentation: Latex JabRef, DocEar and other open source software" (II Batch) " " Dr. Raghavendra Chaubey, DST-CIMS, BHU [Details...]
05-02-2018 to 11-02-2018 WORKSHOP ON PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT AND CAREER BUILDING 2018 Dr. Anurag Pandey, Organising Secretary [Details...]
07-02-2018 National Symposium on Epigenetic Regulation of Inflammation 'the Shotha'" Professor Rajavashisth Tripathi, Convener & Organizing Secretary [Details]
08-02-2018 to 09-02-2018 Symposium on "Advances in Biology of Algae and Cyanobacteria" Dr. K. D. Pandey, Convener, Deptt. of Botany, Institute of Science, BHU [Details]
08-02-2018 to 09-02-2018 * Fourth PAMC meeting on "seismology and Earth quack precursors programme" Dr. Uma Shankar, Coordinator cum Organising Secretary, Deptt. of Geophysics, BHU  
09-02-2018 to 11-02-2018 XVI International Conference on "Applied Zoological Research for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security" Prof. C. P. Srivastava, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Entomology & Agricultural Zoology, I.Ag. Sc., BHU [Brochure] [Form]
10-02-2018 * Farmer's training cum-demonstration fair Prof. H. B. Singh, Department of Mycology and Plant Pathology, I.Ag. Sc., BHU
10-02-2018 to 24-02-2018 ’ जनपदीय अध्ययन: कृति, प्रकृति एवं संस्कृति’’ विषय पर अनुशासनिक कार्यशाला प्रो0 श्रीप्रकाश शुक्ल, समन्वयक, भोजपुरी अध्ययन केन्द्र, कला संकाय, काषी हिन्दू विष्वविद्यालय।
10-02-2018 to 17-02-2018 Hands on Training Programme on C and MATLAB Dr. Vastoshpati Shastri, DST-CIMS [Details...]
13-02-2018 to 15-02-2018 * International Conference on "Trends in Biochemical and Biomedical Research Advances and Challenges" Prof. P. K. Srivastava, Head, Convener and Dr. Subash Chandra Gupta, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Biochemistry, Institute of Science, BHU [Details...] [Visit Conference Website...]
14-02-2018 to 15-02-2018 International Seminar on "Migration et Identite dans la litterature francaise et francophone" Prof. D. K. Singh, Convener, Deptt. of French Studies, Faculty of Arts, BHU
16-02-2018 to 17-02-2018 Annual NATIONAL conference of Mathematical Society-BHU "Recent advances in mathematical modelling & analysis." " " Dr. Jitendra Singh, Convener [Details...]
16-02-2018 to 17-02-2018 * Seminar on "Mastering Your Mind for Success at Work and at Home" Prof. P. V. Rajeev, Coordinator, Institute of Management Studies, BHU  
16-02-2018 to 17-02-2018 *  Graduate Seminar and Extension & Environmental Awareness Programme" Dr. P.C. Abhilash, Organizing Secretary and Dr. R. P. Singh, Joint Organizing Secretary IESD, BHU  
19-02-2018 to 21-02-2018  National Seminar on "Acharya Shivpujan Sahay Aur Rahul Sankrtiyayan: Hindi Navjagran Ke Pariprayach Me" Prof. Chandra Kala Tripathi, Convener, Hindi Section, Mahila Mahavidyalaya, BHU [Details...]
19-02-2018 to 20-02-2018 International conference and Integrated Meeting 'Prospective of medical, food, pharma and agro technology : from health to wealth and future challenges' Dr. R. S. Mishra, BHU [Details...]
19-02-2018 to 21-02-2018 Workshop on "Application of in-silico approaches in Biological Sciences" Prof. Arvind Kumar, Convener [Details...] [Form...]
21-02-2018 to 27-02-2018 National Workshop "Research Methodology in Social Sciences" Prof. Tej Pratap, Coordinator [Details...]
22-02-2018 to 24-02-2018 Workshop & International Conference on "Benign Colorectal Disorders" Prof. M. Sahu, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Shalya Tantra, IMS, BHU
23-02-2018 to 24-02-2018 * International Conference on "In Search of the Hero(es) within the Genre and Beyond" Dr. Amar Singh, Convener, English Section, MMV and Mrs. Shipra Tholia, Organizing Secretary and Co-Convener, Deptt. of German Studies, Faculty of Arts, BHU [Details...]
23-02-2018 to 24-02-2018 Orientation Program for newly enrolled Research Scholars on 'Research Culture' Prof. Seema Singh [Details...]
24-02-2018 to 25-02-2018 * 6th National Conference on "Current Human Resource Management Practices (6th NCCHRMP-2018) Prof. Tara Singh, Conference Director, Deptt. of Psychology, BHU
26-02-2018 to 27-02-2018 2nd National Conference on "Recent Advances in Cognition and Health (2nd NCRACH-2018) Prof. Tara Singh, Conference Director, Deptt. of Psychology, BHU
26-02-2018 to 28-02-2018 * National Seminar on "Perspectives on Land, Water and Population: Issues and Challenges" Prof. R. S. Yadava and Prof. V. N. Sharma, Conveners, Deptt. of Geography, BHU
Events in  March 2018
06-03-2018 to 07-03-2018 Â National Seminar on "Ideologies and Perspectives in Indian History" Prof. Malabika Pande, Deptt. of History, Faculty of Social Sciences, BHU [Details][Brochure]
07-03-2018 to 11-03-2018 24th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine Prof. D. K. Singh, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Anaesthesiology, IMS, BHU
08-03-2018 to 09-03-2018 * National Seminar on "Yoga and Physical Education" Prof. N. B. Shukla, Organizing Secretary, CHC Athletic Associations, Faculty of Arts, BHU  
10-03-2018 to 11-03-2018 NATIONAL conference on "Rights of person with disability act 2016: Fostering & Strengthening Inclusion" Dr. Y. Pandey, Dr. K.H.Mane [Details...]
12-03-2018 to 13-03-2018 National Seminar on "Contemporary Advances in Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics in light of Ancient Wisdom" Dr. L. N. Gupta, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Rasa Shastra, Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU
15-03-2018 to 24-03-2018 Workshop on Statistical Computing with R Dr. Vastoshpati Shastri,Dr. R. Ranjan, DST-CIMS [Details...]
15-03-2018 to 15-04-2018 Faculty Induction program under PMMMNMTT scheme (MHRD) Prof. Seema Singh [Details...]
16-03-2018 to 18-03-2018 Â International Seminar on "Developmental Challenges of India after Twenty Five Years of Economic Reforms" Prof. N. K. Mishra and Prof. J. B. Komaraiah, Convenor, Deptt. of Economics, BHU [Details]
17-03-2018 to 18-03-2018 * Annual Conference of "Urological Association of Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand-2018" Dr. Sameer Trivedi, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Urology, IMS, BHU  
20-03-2018 to 21-03-2018 Â International conference on "Novel Applications of Biotechnology in Agricultural Sectors : Way towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (INABASDG-2018)" Prof. P. K. Singh, , Convenor, IAS, BHU [Details]
20-03-2018 to 21-03-2018 Integral Humanism : Revisited in Contemporary India Prof. J. K. Tiwari, Prof. S.K. Mishra, FSS, BHU [Details]
22-03-2018 to 24-03-2018 International Conference on "North Indian Diaspora: Roots and Trajectories" Prof. Ghanshyam, Deptt. of History, Faculty of Social Sciences, BHUÂ  
23-03-2018 to 24-03-2018 National Seminar on Water and Soil Management Approaches for Climate Smart Agriculture (WASMACS, 2018) Prof. A. K. Ghosh, Organizing Secretary, Department of Soil Science & Agril. Chem, I. Ag. Sc., BHU [Details...]
24-03-2018 NATIONAL SEMINAR on Sustainable Agriculture for Food Security and Better Environment Prof. , Dr. R.S. Mishra, Dr. Ashok Kumar Yadav, DDU KAUSHAL KENDRA, RGSC, BHUÂ   [Details]
27-03-2018 to 29-03-2018 International Seminar on "Urdu Aur Hindi Ki Sajhi Virasat" Dr. Aftab Ahmad, Convener, Deptt. of Urdu, Faculty of Arts, BHU
30-03-2018 to 31-03-2018 International Seminar on "The Future of Humanities: Challenges and Prospects" Dr. Vivek Singh, Convener and Dr. Rahul Chaturvedi, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of English, BHU [Details...]
Events in  April 2018
02-04-2018 to 08-04-2018 * National Workshop on "Applications and Uses of Research Methodology for Ph.D. Students" Dr. Mukta Singh, Convener, Deptt. of Home Science, MMV, BHU [Details...]
03-04-2018 to 10-04-2018 National Workshop on "Ram: Sahitya, Kala evam Prampara"  Dr. Abha Mishra Pathak, Convener and Organizing Secretary,  History of Art Section, Mahila Mahavidyalaya, BHU
06-04-2018 to 08-04-2018 International conference on Recent Developments in Cosmology , RDCO:2018 ,  Prof. B.P. Mandal, Convener   
07-04-2018 National Seminar on "Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism "  Dr. R. S. Mishra , Coordinator and Nodal Officer,  Faculty of Arts, DDU Kaushal Kendra RGSC, Barkachha, BHU [Details...]
08-04-2018 to 09-04-2018 * International Conference on "Recent Advances and Future Perspectives in Ayurveda and Yoga" Dr. Dev Nath Singh Gautam, Convener, RGSC, Barkachha, BHU [Details...]
14-04-2018 To 15-04-2018 National Seminar on "Quality Teacher, and Teaching "  Dr. R. S. Mishra , Coordinator and Nodal Officer,  Faculty of Arts, DDU Kaushal Kendra RGSC, Barkachha, BHU
19-04-2018 to 20-04-2018 National seminar on The Relevance of Ambedkar's Ideology in Global Perspective Dr. V.K. Lahari, Convener [Details][Form]
27-04-2018 to 29-04-2018 Annual Conference of Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of India (SGEI) "Endocon-2018" Dr. V. K. Dixit, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Gastroenterology, IMS, BHU
28-04-2018 to 29-04-2018 * National Seminar on "Panchgavya Chikitsa in Ayurveda" Prof. O. P. Singh, Organizing Chairman and Dr. J. P. Singh, Organizing Secretary, Deptt. of Kayachikitsa, Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU  
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