Malviya Ji


The Centre was established in 1991 to promote ethics and human values in higher education. It draws inspiration from the educational philosophy of our illustrious founder, Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya. In proposing the scheme for B.H.U he wrote in 1905:

   “… mere industrial advancement cannot ensure happiness and prosperity to any people; nor can it raise them in the scale of nations ….. Formation of character is even more important for the wellbeing of the individual and of the community than cultivation of intellect. Hence it is that the proposed university has placed formation of character in youth as one of its principal objectives. It will seek not merely to turn out men as engineers, scientists, doctors, merchants, theologists, but also as men of high character, probity and honour …. It will be a nursery of good citizens instead of only a mint for hallmarking a certain standard of knowledge.”

            Unfortunately this lofty vision of our founder remains unrealised. The character and the value - temper of the educated classes who run modern India leaves much to be desired. The result is that inspite of all the scientific, technological and economic progress we have made in the last decades we are witnessing a pervasive crisis of values in all walks of our life – personal, professional, societal and national. It is doubtful if we are moving towards the goal of creating a just, civilised and humane social order.

            We urgently need to evolve an effective strategy to meet the value crisis of our times. An important component of that strategy will be to institute effective schemes of value education at all levels, particularly at the level of the university. Education is not merely a process of information transmission, nor of imparting specialised professional skills for earning a living. It should also help young person grow up as good and responsible human persons; persons who seek meaning and fulfillment in devoting their knowledge and skills for the service of society. Imparting such an education requires proper grounding in ethics and human values.


To be able to develop and run the Centre along the lines indicated above, we need substantial amount of resources. At present the Centre is housed in an old building. The space available is adequate for office work and for accommodating the small number of academic staff working voluntarily for the Centre. But we urgently need a well equipped auditorium and a seminar hall for conducting increasing number of workshops, seminars and lectures. The estimated cost of creating such a facility is rupees one crore. We also need to create an endowment fund of rupees two crores to hire permanent staff, and to offer academic fellowships to scholars. A permanent endowment fund will enable us to operate the Centre on a sustainable basis.

It has been a tradition of our university, set by our founder, to rely more on public support for its programmes than on the government funding. In the same spirit we appeal to all those who share our concerns to come forward and help us generate resources needed for the centre. We specially appeal to our alumni to help their alma-mater in this noble cause.

Donations may please be made out in the name of Registrar BHU, payable at Varanasi and sent to the Co-ordinator, Malaviya Moolya Anusheelan Kendra, Shyama Charan De Niwas, Malaviya Bhawan campus,Banarash Hindu University Varanasi-221005.

Such donations are exempt from income tax under section 80 (G)